19 August 2009

My (almost) End of Summer Re-Cap!

Hi guys, it's been forever. I hope you have all been having fabulous experiences this summer. I have been so, so busy here in Maryland! I kept telling myself every week that I needed to come on here & catch up with you all but we know how that goes. Life has been crazy busy lately! What have I been up to? Here's my recap:

* End of June - 5 July: Will was out of the country so I drove down to SC to spend time with my family. I ate lots of good SC BBQ, spent time at the lake with my parents, sister, her friend and my niece. Did some antique shopping with my mom. Saw my grandmother. Watched fireworks on the 4th of July.

* 9-12 July: Will and I took a long weekend trip down to Virginia Beach. Part vacation, part seeing his mom. Tried to take the scenic route down, but halfway there Will got called to turn around & go into work. Eventually we made it down to Va Beach, via I-495/95 South on a Friday (uh, traffic was ridiculous & we'll leave it at that). We spent the following days having some delish dinners, spending time on the beach, walking on the boardwalk, getting suckered into a Timeshare presentation, spending time w/ his mom & step dad, driving back across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, visiting Chincoteague and Assateague, stopping in Ocean City on the way home for a walk on their boardwalk & a fabulous dinner of corndogs & fries.

* 19-23 July: Will flew into Georgia and the Ukraine. I think that's where he went anyhow. I can't remember! I spent those couple of days having serious bouts with insomnia! It was miserable. lol

* 22-27 July: My bestest guy friend in the whole world flew into Baltimore for some work-related stuff. I picked him up at the airport & spent the afternoon catching up. I hadn't seen him in over 7 years so we had lots to talk about.

* 26-28 July: Spent the entire weekend painting the 3 bedrooms and 2 upstairs bathrooms. Actually, I spent very little time painting. Will painted. I picked out paint colors. I like that arrangement!

* 30 July - 2 August: My mom, sister, her friend and my niece came up to visit us in Maryland. We went into DC on the 31st and visited some of the museums. It was wicked hot outside and we had a terrible thunderstorm that afternoon. We spent the following day recuperating at home. They left bright & early on the 2nd to go home.

* 14-16 August: Will and I drove down to SC for my family reunion. I was unable to go last year since I was in Wyoming so it was nice being able to see everyone this year. It took forever to get to SC and even longer to get home. I hate that drive!

And here we are, all caught up! I spent all of yesterday sorting through part of my vintage linen stash. I am not even a quarter of the way through though. It's very time consuming! Here are some pictures of part of the stash:

Sorted linens - ready for listing on Etsy.

Vintage Linens

Linens waiting to be sorted & listed

More vintage linens

A huge Ikea bag full of linens waiting to be listed

Bags of Vintage Linens

Another huge bag of linens waiting to be listed

Bags of Vintage linens

And finally, lots of bins of linens which need to be listed!!

Bins of Vintage Linens

I must go. I have to get back upstairs and finish going through all of those linens. I'm destashing like crazy right now in anticipation of some unexpected changes in life so I'm super motivated to get rid of a lot of my great vintage items. I hope to get a chance to stop in & visit w/ everyone here in the very near future! Hope you're doing well.