27 February 2009

My Extremely Productive Day!

Despite sleeping in until 8:30 this morning, I have already accomplished so much today! I'm quite proud of myself because even though it's raining and gloomy and I'd love to take a nap, I'm pushing through! I ran to Wal-Mart first thing this morning, where I spent a good 20 minutes standing in one of the 3 open lanes trying to check out my shipping supplies. I hate that place. If the prices weren't so good and it wasn't so convenient (less than 1 mile from home), I swear I'd never go in that place. I hate how they have like 500 lanes and only 3 open. Even when it's ridiculously busy! ::vent over:: When I got home from Hell Wal-Mart, I packaged up some orders and ran to the Post Office, where I once again had to stand in a very long line. Boo!

But, the rest of my day has been fabulous! I came home and started ironing tons of linens I've purchased recently so I could then take pictures. I ironed for a couple of hours and I didn't even mind! Now, as domesticated as I am, there are some tasks/chores which I just despise doing. Like dishes. Or vacuuming. And normally, ironing. But a few weeks ago while I was shopping in Homegoods I picked up a bottle of Lavender scented linen spray and now I love to iron! Well, I'm not sure if it's the smell of the lavender or the smell of the money I'll hopefully make upon selling said linens, but something is making ironing a lot less dreadful than it used to be! LOL

Speaking of linens, I went to three thrift stores yesterday and I scored big at all of them. I shopped until I almost dropped. My joints were killing me by the time I got home last night! Part of my haul is pictured below. I haven't taken pictures of the "keep" pile yet, but it's equally huge. All of this is stuff I'm going to sell, despite my deep desires to hoard it all! lol

Yellow & green retro daisy sheet

Vintage Green Cafe Curtains

Vintage Mushroom Cafe Curtains

Vintage Pink and Orange Sheet

Vintage sheet with Birds and Flowers

The husband is gone again until late tonight so I'm going to try to get the rest of my "sell" pile done and then start on the "keep" pile. I have so many things I want to show you guys! Maybe I'll get caught up soon!! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

25 February 2009

Don't You Just Love...

when you buy something at a thrift store and it turns out to be even more fabulous than you originally thought? I'm not talking about money, per se, but just in general!

I bought these great little bird prints at a thrift store on Monday of last week. It was during the President's Day Sale so everything was 50% off. I scored both of these for a mere $2.90! I love old pictures like these. Normally I find pictures of flowers which I love but I think I like the birds more! And I especially love(d) the chippy green paint on the frames!

Vintage Bird Print Cruise Ship Menu

Vintage Bird Print Cruise Ship Menu

When I buy these little gems, I almost always take the backs off of the frames so I can check out what kind of paper it is. It's interesting to me to see if the picture was once part of a calendar or maybe it was torn from a magazine. I love that someone once re-used what was available to them to help decorate their home. That's thriftiness right there, don't you think? So, having done this a time or two in the past, I fully expected to pull the back of the frame off and find an old page from a magazine. Imagine my surprise when I found this:

Vintage Bird Print Cruise Ship Menu

That's right. It's a dinner menu from a cruise ship! It's dated 1956. How great is that?!

Vintage Bird Print Cruise Ship Menu

Certainly better dining options than the all-you-can-eat pizza and chicken fingers they serve these days!

Vintage Bird Print Cruise Ship Menu

I can't wait to get these hung up in our guest room. They are just so charming and will look great in there! Have you ever bought something at a thrift or antique store that you later realized was even better than you thought? I know I can't be the only one that has this sort of thing happen!!

20 February 2009

A New Layout!

Just a quick post because I'm heading out to do a little thrifting!

After spending the last hour attempting to tweak this layout to fit all of my stuff, I think I'm done. Sure, there are some things that are annoying the crap out of me, but I can live with it. Besides, now I have a raging headache and I need to stop "previewing" the blog before I get really mad and end up deleting the whole thing! lol What do you think? Do you like the new layout? Is it hard to read? Is it too busy? I'm still on the fence! I mean I like the colors but I haven't decided if it's too hard to read. Hmm

Yesterday I went to the VV near my house and I found so many goodies! It's been a long time since I filled up my cart with stuff. I'm guessing the big sale on Monday helped clear out some space so they could fill up the shelves again. Yay! I need to go get all of the stuff I bought out of my car and take some pictures and do some Etsy-ing! I bought stuff for my shop on Etsy and some stuff for my office too. I can't wait to share the pictures with you all.

Okay, I promise I'll be back soon (maybe even this afternoon!) with pictures of all of the goodies! Have a fabulous Friday!

17 February 2009

My Fabulous Weekend!!

Hello all of my vintage-y peeps. I hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day & enjoyed the holiday yesterday too! I had a fantastic weekend. Will was off from Thursday through yesterday and we spent tons of time together which was really nice. Thursday we had to do a little retail therapy, not the type I enjoy though. I need tires for my SUV so we spent several hours that morning trying to located a store here in MD that actually had my tires in stock. No one has tires for my car. I had to go online and order them and have them shipped here. That was $500 that I'd really rather have spent on anything else! Hey, at least I got 4 tires for that price. Will had to get two new tires in October and those ran him $500! For two tires!! Good grief!

Friday morning I decided I wanted to go over to Harper's Ferry, WV and to some of the other surrounding towns for the day. We saw the most adorable house for sale and now I'm dying to buy this place, make it super cute & rent it out. It's really affordable so we'll see if my dream of owning a vacation property finally comes true! After we drove through the countryside and all of the little towns in MD and WV, I persuaded Will to take me to the Outlets over in Hagerstown, MD. There's an LL Bean outlet there and I love that place! I don't really shop for clothing there, but I was hoping they'd have bedroom slippers on sale and I lucked out! I found a pair of cute pink slippers on clearance, plus an additional 30% off for the President's Day Sale they were having. Score! Of course, this was after I paid almost $35.00 for the same pair (in green!) a few weeks ago. I'd much rather pay $13.00 for slippers!

Saturday I woke up to breakfast in bed!! Will slipped out of bed without me hearing him, got dressed and ran down to pick up flowers, fruit & donuts. He came back, put everything on a little tray and brought it upstairs to me. He woke me up with a kiss and we sat in bed and ate breakfast together. Check out the pictures:

My delicious breakfast- cantaloupe, a glazed donut, a cherry flavored heart donut, coffee in a vintage pyrex mug, flowers & a card!

valentines breakfast in bed

Close up of my cherry flavored heart shaped donut. Check out that classy paper plate!!
valentines day donut

I stayed in bed most of the day Saturday which is very unlike me! I wasn't feeling well and figured I should just rest for the day! It was a very relaxing day & exactly what I needed.

Sunday found Will and I doing some more shopping, this time for a new tv. Now, keep in mind we didn't/don't need a new tv. We had 3 tv's that were functioning just fine. But Will has been wanting a flat screen tv for years now, so he went out and bought one on Sunday. He kept asking my opinion on different models, etc but I couldn't really offer an opinion. I don't watch much tv, usually HGTV or Food TV. And I'd never, ever buy a new tv just buy one. Especially when I already had 3 that worked perfectly fine.

Yesterday Will had to go into work for a few minutes so I rode with him. I was definitely making a stop at the Value Village down there. Well, that was a huge mistake! I had no idea that the VV was having a huge sale for President's Day. The entire store was 50% off and that place was packed! I can't deal with crowds like that so I made my way back out the car where Will was waiting. That place was insane! I did stop at another thrift on the way home and while crowded, it was nothing like the VV. I picked up some goodies for my house & for the Etsy shop.

Will had to fly out to Colorado today so I made my way over to the Value Village closer to my home. I thought I might find some good stuff since I kind of figured they had a huge sale yesterday and they might have restocked last night. Yeah, no so. The racks were all empty but I managed to find a couple of things I wanted but when I went to pay, all of the credit card machines were down. I'll try going again on Thursday.

I've been busy all afternoon taking pictures and listing goodies in my Etsy shop. I have been so lazy lately so I really need a swift kick in the you-know-where to get back in gear and list on a regular basis. I had my first non-paying buyer last week and that was kind of disappointing. Why do people do that? I mean if you have no intentions of following through and actually paying for the item, why even put it in your cart & check out? Ugh! I guess I should be glad it's only happened once!

Okay, I'm off to put on my pj's & check out some of my favorite blogs while I wait for Will to get home! Hope you all are having a great week so far!

11 February 2009

Spring is in the Air!

Well, for today anyhow! We're supposed to get some rain/snow mix on Saturday, but today the weather is lovely!! I'm starting to get in the mood for Spring Cleaning, which is a great thing, because my craft room is still a disaster and the rest of the house is just kind of blah. I'm ready for the days when I can pull back the drapes & open the windows and get some fresh air circulating through this place!

In an attempt to get my never ending craft room re-do finished up, I've spent the better part of today doing some much needed organizing and I've worked on a couple of projects too. I'm changing out the window treatments in here. You guys remember back in November I bought those oh-so-cute striped valences, right? Well, Target is having a huge clearance and the matching full length curtains are on sale. So, I bought those and I'm hanging them up today. The valences will go in our guest room upstairs.

I'm hoping that the husband will be around this weekend so he can hang some shelves in here too. I have some really cute pink corner shelves I bought at a thrift store last summer that I want to hang up in here. I had bought them to go in the guest room but I need them in here more than I do in there!

So, are you guys doing anything for Valentine's Day? Will and I went to dinner at Outback last night and I told him during dinner that I didn't want to go out again this weekend. I think I'll make us a nice dinner here at home and we can just hang out and relax! Last weekend while Will was in Germany with VP Biden, Andrea and I drove up to Hershey, Pa and went to the Chocolate Buffet! It was $35 and worth every single penny. The buffet started at 7:00 and there was such a huge spread on the table. It was almost ridiculous! I ate so much chocolate I thought I was going to be sick! I think we'll make this an annual event although next year I definitely want to get a room and spend the night. Driving home after eating all of those desserts was not fun! Needless to say, I do not want any chocolate from Will for Valentine's Day. Unless of course he's going into the District to the Leonida's store. I can't turn down Leonida's chocolate since those are my all-time favorites!

I'm hoping to get around to some of your blogs this afternoon & tonight so I can catch up on what you all have been doing. I seriously need to get back into some sort of regular blogging/reading schedule! I'm such a slacker lately.