24 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Hey guys! I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas Eve with your families and friends. Will had to work tonight so I've been keeping myself occupied watching HGTV and Food Network! He'll be off at 10:00 though and we've got plans to drive to the Town Square (which really is only 2 blocks away but it's too cold to walk!) and take some pictures of the pretty lights and the snow.

Yesterday morning after Will came home from work and caught a cat nap, we got up and headed to the DQ for some lunch and then drove up to Grand Teton park. It was deserted and simply amazing. I cannot believe how much more beautiful the park is in the winter than in the summer. I mean I thought it was absolutely breathtaking in August, but that was nothing compared to yesterday. Everything was coated in thick, powdery snow and it was just so pretty. I almost thought I'd cry! I was really hoping we'd see lots of wildlife but no such luck! We saw this guy right before we left the park though.

Grand Tetons December 2008 Coyote

After the trip to the park, we came back into town and tried to find our missing package that is being held hostage at the local post office but that was pointless! After standing in line for half an hour, we got the same answer we received on Monday. Basically, our package is here at the post office, it was marked undeliverable to our hotel (this is after we called before ordering and confirmed w/ the hotel that we could have something shipped and checking to see if we had the right address!!) but the Post Office has told us that our package sits among approximately 1000 others that have been marked undeliverable and that they don't have the time to search for it. UUUUUUGH!! I hope they make time to search for it before we leave!!

Anyhow, after the Post Office fiasco, we came back to the room and rested for a while before heading to another one of our favorite restaurants, Teton Steakhouse. Our plans were to eat dinner and then head over to the Snow King tubing place but we ate so much that the snow tubing didn't happen! Our dinner was fabulous though and we'll go snow tubing later this week!

We had a nice breakfast here at the hotel this morning and then went walking around downtown. The stores are all having fabulous sales which is nice but there weren't many people out shopping. Will had to go to work at 2, so we didn't have much time to hang out downtown but in that short time we were out walking around, my face managed to get wind burned and I look like a big old lobster now! Take a look at the friend we made today down at the Town Square:

Lori & Will Jackson Hole Dec 2008

Here are a few other pictures from the Grand Teton Park that we took yesterday.

Grand Tetons December 2008

grand tetons december 2008 1

grand tetons december 2008 3

Grand Tetons December 2008 4

23 December 2008

A couple of pictures!

Hey y'all! Will and I had a wonderful day here in snowy Wyoming. After breakfast and running a couple of errands, we headed out to the Gros Ventre Road that we loved traveling on last summer. It's the area we saw the most buffalo and the charming little barn on Mormon Row. We drove down the road for a couple of miles before we hit a little buffalo-jam and had to turn around! We drove down the road a couple more miles and stopped into the Grand Teton Visitor Center and took some pictures and threw some snowballs at each other! We came back to town and headed to Bubba's BBQ for a late lunch and then came back to the room and took a nap! Will is working an 8 hour shift tonight and the weather is still cold & snowy but it's so beautiful! I read earlier that another huge storm is coming this way and should arrive on Christmas Eve and stick around through Christmas Day and that night too and they're expecting a lot more snow than this storm produced! Eeeeeeeek! I am so in love!! Anyhow, here's a few pictures I was able to take today. They aren't the best quality but I hope you enjoy them anyway!!

Snowy pinecones

Visitor Center December 2008


Snake River Jackson December 2008

Buffalo on Gros Ventre Road

Lots of snow

Us, Jackson, December 2008

22 December 2008

Greetings from snowy Jackson Hole!

Hey y'all! I made it safely out here and I am having a great time. I've come to realize that I could definitely move here, even without Target and good thrift stores because it is just so beautiful here that I'd gladly sacrifice those things in exchange for seeing these views every day!

My flights were both on time yesterday, which is a miracle and I arrived out here about 12:30. Will and I went and grabbed a late lunch at one of our favorite restaurants here, Sidewinders, and then we came back to the room so I could take a much needed nap. At that point I had been awake for 30-something hours!! We ran to the grocery store last night and came back and sat in front of the fireplace and watched the snow fall.

Speaking of snow, we're supposed to get another 10-18 inches today and I am so in love! I've never seen so much snow before in my life and this place looks like a total winter wonderland. This is the best Christmas EVER!! We're heading out in a bit to run some errands and then we may drive up to the Grand Teton Park today and do a little sight seeing. I'm hoping to see a lot of animals and have lots of photos to share tonight! Here's a picture from our hotel room window yesterday of the slopes over at Snow King Resort. Add another foot (yes, foot!!) of snow and that's what it looks like today!

Slopes of Snow King

Hope you all had a great weekend, full of holiday festivities and time with your families!

19 December 2008

Y'all! I leave in 2 days...

and I haven't even started packing. Keep in mind all of my bags have to be packed no later than tonight since Will is taking them with him tomorrow morning. Did I mention that I haven't even started packing? Yeah, it's going to be a busy, busy day!!

Oh, and I haven't really even started Christmas shopping either. I mean it's a little late now and I didn't want to have to take all our gifts out there and then bring them back here so I'm guessing we'll just do Christmas sometime in January. I've picked Will up a few things that I'll take with me and I'm taking some pre-lit garland and stockings to hang up so it'll feel a little more like Christmas while we're there.

I'm trying to not stress out about all of the stuff I need to get done today but I feel like I just don't have enough time. And it's my fault really, seeing how I've had ALL week to get my stuff packed. I was talking with my sister about this yesterday though and we agreed that it's just too hard to pack a week out. Especially considering that if I packed all of my clothing on Monday I wouldn't have had anything to wear all week. I'm sure it'll all work out though. In the end, I'll survive if I forget something and it it's something really important, I can buy it when I get out there.

I still can't wrap my brain around the fact that I'm going back to Wyoming and I'm finally going to see REAL SNOW on Christmas!! Wheeeee I'm really looking forward to taking the sleigh ride through the elk refuge too! I should be able to get online regularly while I'm out there and I'll have tons of pictures to share with you all too!

16 December 2008

Winter Wonderland

So, things here in Maryland have been insanely busy the last few days. The day I booked my flight I finally heard from my best friend (the one that is kind of MIA a lot) and she ended up coming over and spending a few nights here. It was hard breaking the news to her that I was indeed leaving and I felt a bit guilty because we had talked about spending Christmas together since our husbands would be away. Then I didn't hear from her for a couple of weeks and I thought about it and decided that I couldn't base my holiday's and plans around her because although I love her, she's a bit unpredictable! It very well could've come down to me staying home and her deciding to leave at the last minute. I'm trying to not feel guilty about her being here alone for the holidays, but she does know other people here and I don't so she'll be fine.

Will and I had his work Christmas party Saturday night. That was a huge, huge disaster and a pointless waste of time. I'm not sure what the planning commission was thinking while planning this but, um, yeah...I just can't even describe how bad it sucked! I mean who, WHO thought it was going to be a good idea to start off the party playing Rock Band on a projector screen in front of 300 ADULTS? I'm sorry, but the last thing that should happen FIRST at a Holiday Party is a Rock Band competition.

And if that weren't bad enough, *someone* thought it would be a good idea to skip having table numbers and instead make each table sing a Christmas Carol before getting in the line for the food. Our table only had 6 people and 5 of us were boycotting this whole singing idea when this lady whose a Captain in the Army and has been in the service for 22 years, stood up and said "I'm a grown ass woman and I paid for a ticket to this party, I'm not singing ANYTHING" and then walked to the buffet line. The rest of us followed her!

Oh, and then after dinner, someone thought it a good idea to play a little game we'll call "Frozen T-Shirt Contest". And the point of this game was to see which guy could crack open a block of ice first and put the frozen t-shirt on. When the whole Scavenger Hunt began, I told the husband it was time to get the heck outta there. Needless to say, unless I'm part of the planning commission next year and can ensure this nonsense won't be happening, we aren't going to the next party!

Anyway, I've spent the last couple of days buying some last minute stuff for my trip out to Wyoming. I did take an hour and go to the VV yesterday for 25% off day. Can you believe I didn't buy anything for my Etsy shop? I just didn't see anything I really wanted to spend money on! So, my trip to Wyoming is fast approaching and I am getting SO excited! I cannot wait to see the mountains and the snow and the wildlife. I cannot wait to get back to the place that holds a piece of my heart. And I am really looking forward to eating at the Village Inn and getting a huge piece of pie! I have to start packing tomorrow as Will is taking all of my luggage with him on Saturday but he has to pack the truck Friday night since he's leaving here at 5:00am Saturday. Do you think he'll look funny carrying my pink polka dot luggage? lol

Did I mention we're doggy-sitting my best friend's puppy? She's a big ol Golden Doodle and a huge goofball. She's only 6 months old but already 55+ pounds. She and my doggies get along so well and they just love when she comes over. She's been here since Friday night and her mom (the bf) has been here every night too but the friend is having some issues and needed to leave the doggy here tonight while she went home. I'm totally okay with doggy sitting because Charlie (the dog) usually sleeps in our room with my dogs whenever she's here anyway! For some reason she behaves better for us than her own mother! And since my friend is watching our dogs while we're gone, I don't think watching her puppy one night is too much to ask!

Anyhow, lemme leave you with a picture that I stole off of the webcam out in Jackson. This is the view of the Town Square at night. Look at all of that snow. I swear I'd move in a heartbeat if there were more thrift stores and a Target!!

12 December 2008

I Bought the Dresser!! Oh, and I'm heading to Jackson for Christmas!

Amazingly enough, the dresser was still there! And I bought it with my 25% discount so I only paid $23 including tax. Man I love a good bargain. I've already started loading it up with all of my stuff and I took my work table out of the room because I don't really use it. I mean the top is always full of junk but I needed the storage from the dresser and I can still use the top for crafting or wrapping up purchases!

And I finally broke down and bought my ticket out to Wyoming today too! I'm glad I waited because I found an even cheaper flight out there. I double checked a few things and found out that for $28 dollars more I could stay a day longer and fly home the same day as Will!

So, I haven't even started my Christmas shopping and it doesn't look like I'll get much done before we leave. Just as well. We can do Christmas when we get back in January. I do need to go pick up a few things before I get out there. Like good quality thermals and some appropriate footwear for cold and snowy weather.

I think I'm done listing Christmas items in my Etsy shop. I hope I can find some time next week to do a little thrifting before I head to Wyoming. I need to find some new stuff to list when I get home. I would say I could do some thrifting while I was in Wyoming but I know how those stores are in Jackson so that's not looking promising at all!

11 December 2008

Our Foyer Tree

Usually, our "main" tree is the one I call "Will's tree" because it's the one with all of the mismatched, hodge podge ornaments. It has our special ornaments I buy us and the doggies each year, all of the old non-shiny brites, the bubble lights. That's normally our main tree but this year I decided I wanted a more formal looking tree to sit in our foyer. This is what I came up with:

christmas tree 2008

Please overlook the fact that I've yet to add a tree topper! I haven't found one I liked. And I've just noticed that really bright aqua ornament and it's driving me crazy so I'll be removing that ASAP! Otherwise, I really like the bronze-y/copper ornaments along with the blue. Our drapes have those same colors in them so it looks really nice I think.

Will's trip ended early last night thanks to some extremely bad weather in Georgia with torrential flooding which cause the plane to divert to Florida where they picked up more fuel, spent a couple of hours consulting with people back here at Andrews AFB which resulted in them flying home at 11:00! So, he's home today and we're going to try to get some things done around the house. I may go back to the thrift store and see if that dresser is still there too!

10 December 2008

I *heart* the New Thrift Stores AND

I especially *heart* the Value Village. I'll show you why in a minute! So, yesterday afternoon I went in search of the two new thrift stores I'd found while googling. One is about 11 miles from my house, the other 14ish. The first one was HUGE! Alas, it was mostly clothing but I still managed to find a few must haves. There was a fabulous old dresser there - it had an enamel top on it and it was only $30 but I couldn't fit it in my car so I had to leave it behind. Oh, I forgot that I get 25% off in there so I guess it would be less than $30! I really, really hope it's there on Saturday because I want Will to go with me (in his truck) so we can buy it. It would be fabulous here in my office. Yes, I'm still having trouble organizing my stuff!

The second thrift store, the one I thought was a VV, turned out to be called Village Thrift or something along those lines. I did major damage in that store! I found tons of linens and housewares I just had to have! I'm very happy to have found new thrift stores near my house! I'll miss going to the Ghetto Thrift but I'm very happy to have good stores in good areas where I don't feel like I'm going to be carjacked at each intersection. ::knocks wood::

Anyhow, so the husband left again today for a couple of days and to pass some time I decided to run over the the Value Village. I was trying to figure out what would be on sale today. I may have to go each day for a week just to see what is on sale when! lol Today's sale items included "showcase", jewelry and bikes. Blah! But, you know me!! I didn't leave there empty handed. Oh, no sirree! I found tons of good stuff! My favorite find of the day was this guy:

gurley santa

As I'm sure you all know, this is a Gurley Santa! Now, lemme tell you. I'm almost embarrassed to admit, but I had no idea what a Gurley candle even was until a few months ago when I started reading all of y'alls blogs! And since then, I've always wondered where you guys kept finding these candles and how you knew they were Gurley's. I don't know why I didn't just Google that info, but for some reason I didn't. Well, today I saw a little baggie full of misc. Christmas crap hanging up at the VV and inside I saw this paper tag stuck to the bottom of a half-melted snowman. And the tag said "Gurley" and I had one of those light bulb moments! So, I looked through every single baggie I could find in that place hoping to find more Gurley candles. Perhaps some that weren't all melted and disfigured! Well, I never did find anymore inside of a baggie, but I found that guy up there stuck way back on a shelf! Wooooot! He's a big boy, almost 9" tall and although he's got a few dings and some paint missing, I'm happy to finally own a Gurley candle!

Tonight I'm going to be super busy listing some more goodies in the Etsy shop. I found some cute little elf knee hugger things today so those are definitely going in the shop, along with some other kitschy retro ornaments and other goodies! I'm also going to try and make up my mind as to whether or not I'm flying to Wyoming next weekend. We got a Christmas card in the mail yesterday from Lynn & Dick Cheney and the front of the card is a picture of the Grand Tetons all covered in snow and there is snow all over the ground and I really really want to go but I'd have to see if my parents will watch my dogs and I still need to find a flight! Uuuuuuugh so many decisions!

09 December 2008

You Know You Have an Obsession When...

...you'll buy an entire bag of crappy ornaments to get to the one good ornament inside!

This little ornament is my favorite, I think. It's scratched up but I still love it. I love the color and I especially love the pink stripe!

And even though this one isn't a Shiny Brite, I really like it too! The colors are great and I like the design.

I love my tree so much I'm seriously debating leaving it up all year! It makes me so happy to walk in and see it in my room.

I've spent a ton of time yesterday afternoon and this morning uploading pictures and listing great new items in my shop, My Vintage Whimsy Etsy Shop! . And, through some googling, I've found 2 new-to-me thrift stores within 15 miles of my house so I'm going there today to check them out! One of them is another Value Village so I just know I'm going to be totally in love!

I hope you all are having a great day!

08 December 2008

A Sneak Peek...

Here's my work-in-progress retro/vintage Christmas tree! What do you think?

07 December 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas...

But I still have a way to go before I get everything exactly how I want it. The tree in our foyer is up and half decorated. It looks great so far but I need to finish it tomorrow. And *MY* tree, the one in my scraproom/office is up and mostly decorated and I am totally in love. I went out and bought a 6.5' tall, white, pre-lit tree and it's decorated with all of my old Shiny Brite's and other vintage ornaments. I cannot wait to get it done so I can take pictures and share with y'all!

I cannot believe it's already 7 December either. This month is already flying by!! Of course I had a fashion crisis last week which had me at the various malls in the area shopping for 11 hours one day and another 5 the next. I was in desperate need of finding something to wear to the Holiday Reception we had to attend tonight at Vice President and Mrs. Cheney's house. Do you have any idea how much I hate to shop for clothing? Uh, I was so frustrated after spending 11 hours in the stores that I literally started crying. I was tired and ill and nothing fit right and I couldn't find anything I thought would be appropriate for this little shin-dig. Ugh. I didn't even make it to the Value Village on Thursday to try out my new card which gives me 25% off on Thursdays!

The aforementioned party was this afternoon and it was pretty swanky! Granted, it was held in a huge white tent but damn, that's the nicest tent I'd ever been in! The Air Force band (orchestra?) was playing the entire time, there was an open bar(!!) and the food was decent, although kind of weird for a cocktail party! I didn't expect to see mini cheeseburgers and grilled cheese sandwiches, hot dogs cut in half, bowls of popcorn and macaroni and cheese, but whatever. lol There were quite a few kids there so I'm sure the food choices pleased them but I think it was, I dunno, not tacky but weird. Even the port-o-potty trailers were all swanked out. Heck, those toilets in trailers were nicer than the bathroom of the first house we rented here in Maryland! We were shuttled in to the actual residence and then we had a photo with the VP and the Mrs and then went into the tent and socialized. I just assumed that the VP and his wife would come into the tent at some point but they never showed! Of course our party was their second of the day and at that point they'd shook hands with roughly 1000 people so they probably just wanted to go sanitize their hands, take some Airborne and get some sleep! All in all it was a nice time and I've figured out that NW DC is way nicer than the ghetto parts over near the Base!

I am still debating if I'm going to fly out to Jackson for Christmas. I've found an even better price for a flight than I found last week (and much less than the 2,200.00 one!) and I really really want to go back out. While at the party today, there were all of these pictures of Mr. Cheney out in Jackson during the winter, and just pictures of the scenery itself with tons of snow and I tell ya, I felt a tug in my heart because I really do want to be there. I told Will the other day that if I had known in August that I probably wasn't going back out for Christmas that leaving would've been much, much harder. If I had known when I drove away that that was the last time I'd see that area I would've been so sad. And I've been kind of in a funk lately because I thought I'd be here alone and my husband would be there seeing all of the beautiful snow and winter wonderland and maybe I was feeling jealous.

So, do y'all think I should go? If I have to stay home, I'll be sad but I'll make the most of it too. I can thrift as much as I want, I can hit up all of my favorite antique stores, I can go to DC and go ice skating or up to PA and go snowtubing. On the other hand, out in Jackson I can see so many fabulous things I just can't see/do here in Maryland. I can't drive down the road and see herds of buffalo or elk. I can't drive down the road and see the amazing Grand Tetons. And snow. I don't see much of that here, although it did snow (and stick!) yesterday. Ugh, I am just so cheap that I hate spending that much money on a flight. Not to mention the total pain in the ass that flying has become. If I do fly out, I'm sending all of my bags with Will on Air Force 2 just so I don't have to check any luggage or deal with any of that crap.

Anyhoo, tomorrow is of course Monday and we all know by now that the VV does 25% off on Monday which means I need to get to bed early so I can be up/dressed early. I also have to stop by the post office and mail off another package. Someone bought that totally cool Halo Tree Topper I posted last week on my Etsy page. I had almost decided to keep it and put it on my tree but I'm happy to have made another sale too!

I hope to get things somewhat organized tomorrow so I'll have time to visit all of my bloggy friends. I'm starting to go through withdrawals since I haven't had time to visit lately. Hope you're all doing fabulous!

02 December 2008

A little spring cleaning in December!

I finally took the plunge and coughed up the $25 to upgrade my flickr account to pro so I could add more pictures without the constant reminders that my earlier pictures were being hidden until I upgraded to a pro account. It sure didn't take long to reach the limit on there for the free accounts! I also spent some time organizing and tagging my pictures and putting them in sets and spiffing up the place. I changed out my avatar on there too so now all of my avatars match on here and flickr and etsy. I also added some new things to the ol etsy shop and I have more to add but my camera batteries are charging so that'll have to wait!

Yesterday was a semi decent day at the Value Village. I managed to get there right after they opened which was nice because it didn't take long to get crowded. I picked up a few must-haves, tried on another fantastic coat but decided against it (wth is wrong with me?!) and signed up for their little card that gives me 25% off of everything on Thursday too! Wooot! Now I can go at least twice a week and find fabulous stuff and get 25% off.

Today, I think I'm going to spend a couple of hours this afternoon trying to get my craft room/studio/office space organized (finally!) and put out some of my Christmas stuff in here. I may even do a tree. What I really need to do is get dressed and go to the mall and try to find something to wear to the Christmas party this weekend at the VP's house. Yeah, time is running out and yet here I sit with no motivation to go shopping. Hmmm.

I'm not feeling very Christmas-y at all this year. It's looking more and more certain that I'll be spending both Christmas AND New Years alone. Will is flying back out to Wyoming and although I could do the same, it's just so freaking expensive to take a flight out there. I'm trying to remind myself that Will and I can always go somewhere together in January for a week or so but the reality that I'll be alone in this stupid state for the holidays is depressing! At least my best friend Andrea will be home alone too! lol Her husband is in the Secret Service and will be with either Bush or Obama for the holidays. Maybe we'll have a pity party together!

I think this is the first year I haven't had all of my Christmas and winter decorations out by now, but I'm just not feeling it this year. I'm definitely in a blah sort of mood right now. Maybe cleaning my room and pulling out all of my great vintage ornaments will help cheer me up!