22 May 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Hey guys - today is my 30th birthday. You know, the one I've been dreading for the last year. I thought for sure that I would spontaneously combust at midnight but so far, so good!! Unfortunately, I'm spending my birthday quite depressed. You guys, so much has happened in the last month & I just can't get into it right now but I'm dealing with lots of life changes & it sucks spending your birthday all sad and confused.

 Some random pictures from last week while the family visited - like this one from the air show on Friday!

The whole month hasn't been completely terrible though. My sister, mom and niece came to visit me last week. We had a great time together and it was so nice for them to come here instead of me having to go there!! We went to the big air show down at Andrews AFB, to Pennsylvania Dutch country, thrifting! My sister and I went out dancing last Saturday night & had a great time. We used to go out dancing 2-3 days a week when we were younger but after we both got married and I moved away, things changed.

Aren't we cute? I don't think we look anything alike though! No one ever believes that we're sisters!!

Will started his new job on Wednesday - the drive from here in Baltimore to down to the Pentagon is proving to be even longer & more ridiculous than his previous commute to Andrews. He starts his crazy shifts on Monday so that will take some getting used to I'm sure. He did have the first 18 days of May off though and he spent them finishing off some projects around the house, traveling to VA Beach to see his mom and to WV to see the rest of his family. I'm glad he was able to go & visit everyone before starting his new job since he won't have any vacation time for the next year!! Still no follow-on orders but he may decide to try to stay in the DC area. I don't know how that's going to work out yet.

 (I love the Blue Angels - it's my favorite part of any air show. Shhh! I like them even more than I like the Thunderbirds - sorry AF,  but the Navy's show is so much better!!)

Oh, and I've been trying to find a "real" job for the last few weeks. I've thoroughly enjoyed being the stay-at-home wife over the last 7 years but it's time to get a j.o.b. that will allow me to support myself. The whole Etsy business isn't going to provide that so I have to get serious & find something that will afford me to actually live and not just provide some fun money

My silly niece looking out my sunroof while watching the Blue Angels

So, I'm going out dancing tonight to celebrate my birthday. Well, that's kind of a lie because for the last few months, I've gone out every Saturday night. I don't know what happened but one weekend while I was sitting at home - again - I decided that I felt like the life was just being sucked right out of me. I'm not a homebody by any stretch of the imagination and for the last few years, I've just been I dunno, complacent?! and given up all of the things I enjoy doing (besides thrifting!) and I just felt this urge to make some changes. So, I started to go out on Saturday nights. And you know what?? It's done amazing things for my self-esteem!!

Aren't goats adorable? We visited this Petting Zoo while in PA and the goats were so friendly!

I'm really hoping that this funk I've been in the last few weeks passes quickly and that this year will be amazing. I'm sure it will be. I've lost over 20 lbs in the last 3 weeks from being all depressed (yay!!) and I want to join a gym & start getting back into working out on a regular basis. I know once I start doing things to improve myself, my depression will go away. I guess I could just as easily go to the dr & get some medication for this but I don't think I need that. I just had to have the courage to do some really difficult things and realize that it's going to suck for a while because change is always hard but in the end, I'll be so much happier!! Right?! Hope you all have been doing well - I need to go around & visit my bloggy friends soon!! Maybe tomorrow while I'm recovering from a well-deserved hangover! haha