25 February 2010

Vintage Thingies Thursday

Hey y'all! I'm doing something today that I haven't done in quite a while. I'm participating in Vintage Thingies Thursday hosted by Colorado Lady. I don't think I've taken part of VTT since Colorado Lady took over for The Apron Queen but I think it's time to start doing this again each week. Gives me the motivation to actually take pictures of my vintage goodies!!


Moving along.

Today, I'm sharing with you some of my favorite vintage planters. You know, those little ceramic planter thingies that came with flowers when little Johnny was born back in 1962. Yeah, those kind. For some reason, one of my local thrifts has started to really jack up the price on these things so when I find them for a decent price, I buy them. Otherwise, they can sit on the shelf because as cute as they are, I'm so not paying more than $3.00 for one.

Anyhow. Without further adieu, here's my rather small collection of planters. I have these hanging on the wall in my office/scraproom/studio/place-that-collects-junk.

Vintage Planters Duck, Cat, Owl, Booties

I love the duck. That was the first one I bought. She was sitting the shelf last year and like the biggest dummy in the world, I decided to HAMMER THE WALL beneath the shelf and she took a fall. You can't see it, but her butt is damaged. Severely. I could probably attempt to glue her back together but whatev. You can't even see it and knowing me, I'd end up super gluing my fingers together.

Vintage Duck Planter

See. You can't even tell that she's damaged, can you? Nope. Haha So until the time that I feel like inflicting some torture upon myself in the form of gluing my hand to the table, she's going to stay broken!

Vintage Duck & Bootie Planters

The ducky sits beside this cute little pair of booties. I like them okay but with the other 3 planters being animals, the booties look a little out of place. I may have to replace them with something else. Like a dog. Or a sheep. Hmm. I need to find a dog. Or a sheep. Ooh, today *is* 25% off day at the Value Villages so maybe I'll find a replacement!!

Vintage Cat & Owl Planters

And these two, ack!! aren't they just too cute? Now, honestly, I don't really like owls. Well, not the ugly brown and avocado green monstrosities from 1976 because those remind me of these ugly coasters my mom had when we were little. There were 4 coasters and they all had different, ugly, scary, mean looking owls on them. ::shudder:: But this owl? This cute little blue owl with the flowers and the baby owl? Yeah, I think she's pretty cute! I think this is the only owl thing I own though and I intend on keeping it that way. Unless, of course, I find another planter like this but in pink. Come on, y'all know me. The pink owl would be coming home with me and I might be tempted to pay more than $3.00 for it too!

And the cute, pink kitty sitting beside Miss-Not-So-Scary Owl, she's just adorable! Actually, I think it's a he, even though it's pink. The face just looks like a boy. lol And boys can like pink too. Just ask my dog Marty - he looooves pink. So, back to the cat, I quite like the little flower on the top of its head. Is it supposed to be a hat? A flower hat?! I dunno, but it's cute!!

Now, most people would probably use these to store bits and bobs of stuff but I keep mine empty. Well, except for the dust bunnies that probably live in there. Why? Because I know if I started putting things in there, I'd totally forget about them and then I'd spend 2 hours tearing my office apart trying to find whatever it was that was conveniently tucked away in the cat's behind. So, I don't do that to myself. I just leave them empty & smile at them each time I glance up at the wall & see them sitting there looking all cute!!

Thanks for visiting me today to check out my great vintage items. Be sure to stop in over at Colorado Lady and see everyone else that's participating!!


23 February 2010

More Snow? For Reals?

What's up peeps? I was sitting here at my desk, minding my own business, listening to Run DMC and reading some blogs when my weather.com add-on thing alerted me to the fact that we're under a Winter Storm Watch until Friday morning. So, being the little investigator that I am, I turn to my favorite source for accurate weather information (ahem, not weather.com because they are ALWAYS wrong!). A few weeks ago I found the most helpful, albeit kind of confusing at first weather forums over at Accuweather.com. All their talk about this model and that model...pffft...whatev - I totally don't understand all that mess but they have been almost completely 100% accurate about predicting the last 2 storms. And lets just say that some of the people on there are calling for more than 5" of snow. I'm going to have to keep checking back to see what they think will happen here in MD.

blizzardfeb10 555

So, yeah. More snow is on the way and I'd be surprised if it were only 5 inches! I was just commenting early today that we needed some fresh snow to cover up the ugly grassy patches that are showing up near our walkway! Woohoo!! And, this time, if a blizzard decides to drop 4 more feet of snow, Will IS HOME. Thank the good Lord! It might be nice to be snowed in with him for a week! It could also turn out to be a week in Hell if we were snowed in together. We have the tendency to get on each others nerves if we're around each other constantly for more than like 72 hours! I'm going to attribute that to the fact that for our entire marriage, he's had jobs which kept him from home for at least a few days a month so we really don't know what it's like to be around each other constantly. Better get used to that though considering this next job will have him home every night. Oh boy.

blizzardfeb10 557

Anyhow, no more snow talk until I see some flakes falling! Promise!

Will emailed 'the powers that be' the other night with our list of base choices. The first 4 were in Colorado, then Spokane, Anchorage, a base in Idaho and finally, a base in Massachusetts. Will thinks we should know by Christmas where we'll be heading next summer. It's both exciting and scary!

blizzardfeb10 579

And yesterday was the monthly reminder that my 30th birthday is fast approaching. Only 3 more months. Ack! I really need to get busy planning some sort of vacation! I would love, LOVE to go to Scotland for my 30th but I don't see that happening. We're going to have to take whatever vacation I decide on before my birthday anyhow because Will's job will start on the 18th. Think he'd mind if I took a solo trip to Scotland and the UK? That would be so amazing! I'm not sure I'd want to come back though. Well, I'd come back long enough to pack my house up, grab Will and the puppies and contact the post office with my new forwarding address! I'm not sure why we didn't put England on our list of places we'd like to get orders. That was kind of dumb!

blizzardfeb10 578

Anyhow...it's time to relax, catch up on some blogs & stalk the accuweather.com forums for the latest info on the impending storm. If you don't see me again for a few days, please send out the search & rescue party. I've sworn off chocolate for Lent so it's going to be challenging around here if I'm snowed in for any length of time! lol

PS- aren't my flowers gorgeous? These are the ones Will sent to me for Valentines Day. They are holding up quite well, don't you think?

22 February 2010


Y'all, my amazing apron from Suzy over at Georgia Peachez arrived last week. Of course, my husband didn't bother to tell me about it until the following day but we won't get into that! I found the inner strength to refrain from ripping the package open immediately because I knew I'd want to take pictures of everything so I waited until we had a free moment (ahem, yesterday) to open it. It. is. amazing!! Love!

First, look how cute the packaging was. Wrapping it in pattern pieces is such a great idea! Now I know what to do with all of those horrible 1970s patterns that are clogging up my cabinet! lol I'll start wrapping gifts to my mom in them. She's probably the only person I know that would "get it". Will would look at me like I'd lost my mind.

blizzardfeb10 612

And here's my cute apron just waiting for me to try her on! Man, these pictures are kind of blurry. Evidently, I was too excited to sit there & take focused pictures. Sorry about that!!

blizzardfeb10 616

And of course, here are some self portraits in my bathroom mirror. Why I didn't just put the camera on a tripod and take them that way - I have no idea. Either way, look at how great the apron matches my shirt. lol And look at all of the amazing details on the apron. Love the flowers. Love the paisley. Definitely love all the pink!

My Apron from GeorgiaPeachez

My Apron from GeorgiaPeachez

Thanks again, Suzy!! I love it!

15 February 2010

I Won! I Won!! I won, I won, I won!

I woke up this morning to a fabulous email from the very talented Suzy over at GeorgiaPeachez letting me know that I had won the apron from her One World One Heart give-away!! I was/am shocked!! I am so excited & can't wait to get the apron & wear it while I'm in my craft room. Isn't it beautiful?? I love it!

Thanks so much, Suzy!!

13 February 2010

Freedom - At Last!!

I was finally able to break free from this personal prison I've been stuck in for the last 10 days! I had a great day doing some window shopping but the crowds were ridiculous. You would've thought it was Christmas eve. I guess everyone has been cooped up for a week or more so they were probably feeling much like I was & just had to get out of the house!!

I came home right as a florist was delivering a bouquet that looks much like this one:


Aren't they gorgeous? Will had flowers sent to me since he's gone & felt bad about not being here for Valentine's Day. I love them! All pink - does he know me well or what?!

And the mail man brought me the newest issue of my favorite ever magazine:


Oh, and I totally splurged and bought my favorite ever snack today while I was out - Petticoat Tails.


I freakin love shortbread but I never buy it so it's a real treat when I break down & splurge. I even bought two boxes of shortbread today. I was feeling very deprived after being stuck at home for 10 days & felt like I deserved it.

I am so exhausted. I didn't sleep well at all last night. Stupid sciatic nerve had my whole leg tingling and numb. I woke up at 4:00 and tossed and turned while trying to get comfortable but nothing was working. As a last resort, I ended up folding my electric blanket in half and cranking that sucker up as high as it would go and used it as a makeshift heating pad. That plus the 2 Aleve I popped finally eased the pain a bit & I went back to sleep sometime around 6:30. I was up again at 8:00. Ugh.

It's definitely going to be an early night for me. I'm heading to bed now to curl up with the doggies, my new magazine & maybe a petticoat tail or two and I'm going to try to get comfortable & relax. Will is working tonight so I'm sure I'll have to make some late night phone calls to chat with him for a bit, too.

I am so excited that the snow has receded enough that I can get out of the house. Tomorrow, I'm hitting up one of my favorite thrift stores & then doing some clothes shopping. Yay! Of course, it's supposed to snow again on Monday and Tuesday so my excitement is going to be very short-lived!! Ha!

12 February 2010

UGH!! Why?!

Instead of attempting to get out of this house today & perhaps doing a little thrifting, I now get to stay home and try to shovel out a 4' deep canyon/gap/area around the perimeter of our yard. Why? Well, because the snow has now hardened and my dog just walked right over to the fence and almost jumped over. Okay, it wasn't so much a jump as it was just casually walking over. Thankfully, I saw her & yelled her name and she came running back!!

blizzardfeb10 261

Stupid snow.

I do not want to have to take the dogs out on a leash for the next week while I wait for this crap to melt far enough down that they can't escape. I'm thinking that's probably my only option at this point though because I just don't see how I'm going to be able to shovel all of that snow. I mean sure, the 40 pound dog can walk across it, but I know as soon as I get out there, I'm gonna sink up to my waist!

Btw, Will and I have sort of narrowed down the list of places we might want to move. Colorado Springs is on the top of the list now. Anyone lived there? Visited there? I drove through on my way back from Wyoming and it was pretty. Oh, and I checked and they have FIVE TARGETS there. Two of them are Super Targets! Yay!! And I googled & saw that there was plenty of thrift stores too!!

Of course, plans could change & we could end up staying in the area if Will is offered another job at the Pentagon after his year-long tour is up. If that happens, we're still moving - back to the bay because if I have to live here with all this crazy traffic, I at least want to be able to go home at the end of the day & have a nice view & a relaxing neighborhood!! Our current house is convenient for shopping but I'll sacrifice that in order to have a view of the Chesapeake Bay & not have to deal with planes, trains and the bus!!

11 February 2010

Stir Crazy? Cabin Fever??

Call it what you want but I am definitely experiencing it. OMG! I've been at home since Thursday. Last Thursday. Minus a quick jaunt to the gas station, the tiny grocery store down the street and Burger King. I was home, alone, from Thursday night through midnight Tuesday morning and I was about to go nuts. There's only so much shoveling one person can do before they go insane. There's only so much talking to my dogs that I can do before I start to feel crazy. I mean they're cute but they don't really talk back and the lack of interaction with other humans was getting to be a bit too much.

Will was home less than 3 days and he just left again. I'm so over this job. OVER. IT. There are only 6 people left on his team that can fly these Vice President trips, so every.single.time. they leave, they're all going. He used to have a few more guys on the team but they either got out of the military, got deployed or are on leave. It's ridiculous that they can't have more people on the team because I would be a lot less stressed if he wasn't having to do 15 jobs at work and then come home & deal with phone calls all night, PLUS being gone every single weekend. This is the 5th weekend in a row that he's been gone, not including all of the trips during the week too. It's just taxing and tiring and I need a break from his constant travels! Come on May!!

So, as I'm sure you are all well aware, MD got blasted with another big storm Tuesday night through yesterday. An additional 22 inches fell in that span of time. That's in addition to the 32" we had over the weekend. Our angel-neighbor down the street came through on Monday and cleared a decent path on the driveway with his snowblower so I didn't have to shovel an entire parking space for Will's truck. It wasn't quite wide enough though as I quickly found out at 12:30 at night when Will finally made it home & tried to turn into the driveway and couldn't fit. There I was, out there, shoveling like crazy in the middle of the night. Ugh. I started having severe chest pains and was wheezing and thought I was going to die. Asthma + cold air + rigorous activity = not good! Thankfully, I didn't drop dead from a heart attack & despite still wheezing a few times a day, I'm okay.

Will and I did more shoveling (imagine that!) on Tuesday and we were able to get the rest of the driveway from the back bumper of my car to the street cleared. Finally. Not that I can really go anywhere because all the stores are still closed. I'm so sick of shoveling. I am going to buy a snowblower. Watch...we'll buy one and it won't snow again for 15 years!!

Since Will had to leave today, he wanted to take me for a drive down the road (yeah, yeah...stay off the roads...blah, blah, blah) so we went into our little downtown area & then to Burger King. I hate BK but that was the only place open besides the 7-11. I stopped there too. lol Loaded up on peanut M&Ms, Combos and those little powdered donuts that come in a bag. We depleted our junk food stash over the last few days. Shoveling is hard work & leaves ya starving!

Yesterday, in the middle of the blizzard, Will tried to build me a snowman. I've never really built a snowman because I'm from SC and it doesn't snow there. Well, the snow yesterday was very powdery so my snowman (woman, really) was very small. If Will had been here over the weekend, we could've built a life-size elephant out of snow. That snow was very heavy & wet and perfect for building snow people and/or animals. I wanted a pink snowwoman. She didn't turn out as nicely as I had pictured in my head. And I couldn't find the appropriate things to use to decorate her properly. She looks a little ghetto. Oh well, at least I have a snowwoman sitting on my deck & she has pretty jade green color button eyes. LOL Just pretend she has a nose & a mouth. And that she doesn't look like she's bleeding internally. LOL My not-so-fabulous idea to spray her pink using food coloring made her look kind of bloody. Oops.

blizzardfeb10 307

Here's some other pictures from yesterday. Behind this pile/shovel is our 4' tall fence. It's pretty much buried at this point. We should see it again sometime around May.

blizzardfeb10 318

Poor little Scarlett. She wants so badly to go outside but she can't. She's too short. Well, all dogs except Great Danes are too short. She sits here on the window seat every day looking out onto the frozen tundra.

blizzardfeb10 282

This icicle is gigantic. It's about 4' long now. Drip. Drip. Drip. I wonder if it'll reach the ground before it breaks off.

blizzardfeb10 300

What is left of our 6' shrubs. They've been reduced to 2' tall piles of frozen sticks. I hated those shrubs anyway so I'm glad to see them go. Now I can finally get that picket fence I've been wanting. lol

blizzardfeb10 338

Our very snowy roof. Should've bought a snow rake (whatever that is) and cleared the roof off but we're gamblers like that. Figured we'd just wait and see how much weight this 80 year old house can take. So far, so good. No collapses, yet.

blizzardfeb10 328

Oh and today while we were out being rule-breakers and not staying home, we took a drive through the Wal-Mart parking lot. Not because we wanted to go there but because that's how you get to the Chick-fil-a, which was closed, btw. Wal-mart has only plowed about 1/3 of each aisle. So, these piles are going to get much, much bigger in the next few days.

blizzardfeb10 371

Here's the main street in our little town. Look! You can see my dirty, streaky windshield! I tore my wiper blade last week but whatev. Clearly, I haven't been out to get a new one yet! Anyhow, the people on this road are still plowed in. I think if I lived on this street, I'd be out there every time the plow came through so I could keep my car semi-clear. Shrug. Guess they had other things to do, you know, like watching Rosanne reruns on TVLand.

blizzardfeb10 399

Obviously, 7-11 knows what's up. Their parking lot was so clean!! Look at their big ol pile. Almost up to the bottom of the sign!! I bet they've done a ton of business this week.

blizzardfeb10 413

This is our street. The first time I've seen black top in a week! Finally. Too bad all these people insist on parking in the street. Probably could've been a lot more clear if their cars wouldn't have been in the road. I'm sure it's all refreezing as I speak though. Slushy. Should be fun tomorrow morning!!

blizzardfeb10 425

I cannot even fathom what another 12" of snow is going to look like. I've read some reports online that say this storm that is coming on Monday could drop another foot of snow. That is going to be insane. I just hope this doesn't melt anytime soon because our basement is going to flood horribly & there is no way I can deal with that all alone!

blizzardfeb10 459

I am really, really hoping that I can get out of this house tomorrow. I NEED to do some thrifting. Or window shopping. Or something. I just need to get out of this house for a few hours and do something, anything. Well, anything except shoveling.

As I said before, I'm home alone all weekend so you know what that means - time to sit here w/ my junk food & catch up on blogs!! Can't wait to see what you all have been doing. Hopefully you've all been doing lots of thrifting so I'll have some eye candy to hold me over until I can get out of this mess & go do some junking of my own.

07 February 2010


Ugh. Every muscle in my upper body is aching. My arms feel like wet noodles and I can barely even pick up the coffee pot to pour a cup of much needed caffeine. I feel like crap!! It snowed most of the day yesterday and when it finally stopped around 4, I swear I broke out into a chorus of "hallelujah". Of course, that's when the real *fun* began. Not!! I had to do more shoveling, which I might add, is one heck of a workout! Who knew! Obviously not me, because I've never had to shovel 32" of snow before.

My doggies were not happy with their 2' diameter patch of ground I had previously cleared for them so I had to make it bigger. They still weren't happy. Marty kept trying to figure out how to get up & over the 'wall' of snow. Silly dog.

He looked to the right:

Marty looking for an escape route

He looked to the left:

Marty looking for an escape route!

Finally, he thought he'd try to jump up onto the top of the snow. That didn't work out like he'd planned and he promptly sank into 3' of snow.

Marty Trying to get out!!

Then he looked at me like I was the crazy one. Meh, whatever. I warned him that would happen & he didn't listen.

Marty in the snow

Meanwhile, Scarlett was back on the deck, surveying the situation. She didn't feel the need to do any belly flops into the snow.

Scarlett Deck Saturday Afternoon

Earlier in the day, I had shoveled a path from my front porch down the walkway and made it within 5' of my car! I felt like I'd really accomplished something. The snow was 28" deep at that point. I started to feel dizzy so I came in to take a break when my fabulous down-the-street neighbor came over with his snowblower! I'm telling ya, if I hadn't been sitting inside in nothing but thermal underwear, I would've ran out & kissed the man! He cut a path from the road, up the sidewalk to my front porch, back down the walkway that I had just shoveled and then out our driveway!! He's my new best friend!! Of course, after the snow stopped, an additional 5" had fallen so I had to shovel again, but still, it wasn't nearly as bad as it would've been had he not come over!!

Here's a good view of how deep the snow is by my front porch. Please ignore all of the crap that's on the porch! lol

Front Porch

And this is what the view is from my driveway into my back yard.

Driveway looking into back yard

And our 4' tall fence, which has maybe 6" sticking up above the snow!!

Our 4' tall fence

This is the only part of my SUV that is still visible. This tiny little patch by the tire!

Car Saturday afternoon

Well, that's not true. Here you can see about 4" of what used to be my windshield wipers! lol

Car Saturday afternoon

After I finished shoveling the walk again, I started trying to dig out a space for Will's truck. I shoveled for a good hour and only ended up with a spot big enough to park a golf cart. I ran out of energy and daylight. Look at this great sunset though.

Sunset Saturday Afternoon

I came inside and collapsed in my chair in my office, read a few blogs, at microwaved food for dinner & was asleep by 9:00 last night.

Now, the sun is up & I get to go outside and start shoveling again. Whee! Will's flight has been delayed until tomorrow so at least I have another whole day to get him a spot cleared out! Did I mention we're supposed to get more snow on Tuesday/Wednesday?? It's pretty to look at but it'd be a lot more fun if Will was here to help me shovel!! And, for the record, if we get orders to anywhere that regularly gets snow like this, the first damn thing we're buying is a snowblower!!!

06 February 2010


Wow. Just wow. I realized it's an overused phrase on the internet but I am having trouble thinking of adequate words other than those 2. lol

Last night, around 10, I measured 8" on the top of the patio table. I took this picture around 1 this morning before I went to bed. I'd say there's 10" or so on the table.

Deck Friday Night

This was the patio table at 6:30 this morning. I measured 19" but couldn't find the top of the table so I'm thinking it's a little more than that!

Deck Saturday Morning

I tried to clear a path off the deck & into the yard for the puppies. I couldn't tell how many steps I had already gone down, missed a step & ended up in a drift that was waist-deep. Thought I was going to be stuck for days!!

Back Deck

Once I got unstuck, I tried to shovel them a little patch of yard. This took serious effort! I can see why people tend to have heart attacks whilst shoveling!

Back Yard (part 1)

Neither dog would come off the deck. The dogs peed on.the.deck. lol Poor doggies. They would've been buried if they tried to get off the deck though so whatev!

This picture is blurry as hell but take a look at the garbage can lids. Those bushes beside it are usually around 6' tall. That's a 40 gallon trash can, btw.

Garbage Cans

Oh, and this little white blob that looks like a smart car? Yeah, that's my mid size SUV. Pretty sure I won't be driving that anytime soon. lol

Car Saturday Morning

Did I mention it's still snowing and we're still under a blizzard warning until 2200 tonight? I think they're still calling for another 10" of this stuff. We have snow drifts that are maybe 6" from covering our 4' tall fence! I am amazed. And a little irritated that Joe Biden decided to go to Colorado this weekend, thus leaving me (and all of the other wives/families of the people that have to fly w/ him) home alone during the worst snowstorm in MD history!! That's just sort of a jackass thing to do, don't you think? I'm not sure how Will thinks he's going to get home tomorrow & even if he does, I'm not sure where he's planning on parking because I can tell ya now that I'm so not shoveling that whole driveway!

I am cold, I'm hungry, I'm tired because my sciatic nerve is killing me and I cannot get comfortable when I try to go to sleep & only got 4 hours of shut-eye last night and I need to go start shoveling so hopefully the doggies can do their business somewhere other than my deck! God help me. It's going to be a hell of a day!!

05 February 2010


Hello my few & faithful readers! Just some quick pictures of the weather today. This is what my view was this morning around 10, right before the snow started falling. You can see the leftover snow from the Tues night storm.

feb10 023

The snow started falling around 10:15 but didn't stick until around 4:30. I took a long nap between 12:30 & 3 and was hoping that when I woke up that it would have started sticking already but that didn't happen! Why did I take such a long nap? Well, because Will was up at 3:00 this morning & left at 3:30 and I was wide awake for hours after that!! So, a nap was in order! Plus, I forgot to make any coffee when I came downstairs at 7:30 and I was dealing with a lack of caffeine for real!

Anyhow, I ran out first thing this morning to gas up my car & was planning on running into Walmart to pick up some last minute items (non-perishable foods I'd actually eat!) but the traffic just trying to turn into Wal-Mart was insane. I decided to come home and hang out here for a few hours until the madness died down. Ha!

Instead of going back to Walmart, I made a quick little trip at 4:15 to the grocery store down the street. That place is stuck in a time-warp. Feels like something straight outta the 1970s. Not that I was alive in the 1970s but I'm imagining what it must have been like. Bought some essentials (cheese puffs & cheez-its - sensing a pattern here!) and by the time I was on my way back home, the snow was really coming down and sticking. Lookie:

Friday afternoon

Friday Afternoon

Will made it safely to Colorado earlier and he said they didn't have as much snow on the ground as we did. Hahahaha - too bad for you! Oh, and I just read the funniest thing on Facebook:

Snow on da' ground.....snow on da' ground..... Drivin' like a fool wit da' snow on the ground....look at ya now - car spinnin around.....drivin like a fool wit da' snow on Da ground!!!

That is such an accurate statement for the people in Maryland!

Well, I'm going to relax for a while with my pot of coffee & stack of magazines & then go out and get a head start on shoveling! Don't wanna wait until tomorrow afternoon and then have to try and shovel 30" of this stuff outta the way!

04 February 2010

I *heart* Winter

No, really, I do. I love winter. Especially this winter. The last 2 winters? Eh, not so much. But this one? Oh yeah! We've had at least 5 accumulating snows so far this season. Last year? I think there was 2. The year before? One. Did I mention I love snow? Well, I do. Maybe it's because I grew up in SC and we very rarely saw snow. Maybe once every 4 or 5 years. And then, if we were extremely lucky, we'd get 2 or 3 inches. So, to me, having a true winter is still kind of new & exciting.

I woke up on Tuesday morning to this amazing sunrise.

feb10 075

And then yesterday morning, I woke up to this beautiful sight.

feb10 132

feb10 134

feb10 140

Unfortunately, it warmed up to 40 degrees so there was a lot of melting. Our ground is still covered though and really, that's all I care about! I really want to live in a place where the ground is white from November through at least March. I know I'm crazy but I'd much rather see pretty white snow than the ugly, brown, dead grass all winter!

So, as I'm sure you're all aware, the Mid Atlantic is supposed to get hammered by another storm tomorrow and into Saturday. Will is leaving tomorrow for the weekend. Which means I'm going to be home alone, again. Well, maybe not. My friend mentioned coming over on Friday to spend the night so we'll have a slumber party with our doggies and consume mass amounts of diet coke & Reese's peanut butter cups. And then on Saturday, I'll solicit her help in shoveling! Sounds like a plan, dontcha think?

Oh, btw, Will & I still haven't come to any real conclusions as to where we want to go after his Pentagon job is up in July 2011. We have to have the list done by 18 February. I would think that this would be one of those times where we'd be having some important talks and trying to really figure it out but so far, that hasn't really happened. Isn't it terrible that part of me wants to base our next location on how many thrift stores are in the area? Hahaha Sad but true. I'm not sure when/if he & I will find time to sit down and talk about this. He's gone all this weekend, part of next week, all of next weekend. And then the list has to be turned in. At this point, we should probably just hang a damn map on the wall & throw some darts at it & see where they land. Can you tell I'm a little frustrated?! Wish us luck.

Well, I need to go. Gotta do some chores, check the chocolate & diet coke supplies, get ready for the big storm! Ooh, I bought a new shovel yesterday too. It's one of those "back savers" with the bent handle. Can't wait to try that out! lol