25 February 2010

Vintage Thingies Thursday

Hey y'all! I'm doing something today that I haven't done in quite a while. I'm participating in Vintage Thingies Thursday hosted by Colorado Lady. I don't think I've taken part of VTT since Colorado Lady took over for The Apron Queen but I think it's time to start doing this again each week. Gives me the motivation to actually take pictures of my vintage goodies!!


Moving along.

Today, I'm sharing with you some of my favorite vintage planters. You know, those little ceramic planter thingies that came with flowers when little Johnny was born back in 1962. Yeah, those kind. For some reason, one of my local thrifts has started to really jack up the price on these things so when I find them for a decent price, I buy them. Otherwise, they can sit on the shelf because as cute as they are, I'm so not paying more than $3.00 for one.

Anyhow. Without further adieu, here's my rather small collection of planters. I have these hanging on the wall in my office/scraproom/studio/place-that-collects-junk.

Vintage Planters Duck, Cat, Owl, Booties

I love the duck. That was the first one I bought. She was sitting the shelf last year and like the biggest dummy in the world, I decided to HAMMER THE WALL beneath the shelf and she took a fall. You can't see it, but her butt is damaged. Severely. I could probably attempt to glue her back together but whatev. You can't even see it and knowing me, I'd end up super gluing my fingers together.

Vintage Duck Planter

See. You can't even tell that she's damaged, can you? Nope. Haha So until the time that I feel like inflicting some torture upon myself in the form of gluing my hand to the table, she's going to stay broken!

Vintage Duck & Bootie Planters

The ducky sits beside this cute little pair of booties. I like them okay but with the other 3 planters being animals, the booties look a little out of place. I may have to replace them with something else. Like a dog. Or a sheep. Hmm. I need to find a dog. Or a sheep. Ooh, today *is* 25% off day at the Value Villages so maybe I'll find a replacement!!

Vintage Cat & Owl Planters

And these two, ack!! aren't they just too cute? Now, honestly, I don't really like owls. Well, not the ugly brown and avocado green monstrosities from 1976 because those remind me of these ugly coasters my mom had when we were little. There were 4 coasters and they all had different, ugly, scary, mean looking owls on them. ::shudder:: But this owl? This cute little blue owl with the flowers and the baby owl? Yeah, I think she's pretty cute! I think this is the only owl thing I own though and I intend on keeping it that way. Unless, of course, I find another planter like this but in pink. Come on, y'all know me. The pink owl would be coming home with me and I might be tempted to pay more than $3.00 for it too!

And the cute, pink kitty sitting beside Miss-Not-So-Scary Owl, she's just adorable! Actually, I think it's a he, even though it's pink. The face just looks like a boy. lol And boys can like pink too. Just ask my dog Marty - he looooves pink. So, back to the cat, I quite like the little flower on the top of its head. Is it supposed to be a hat? A flower hat?! I dunno, but it's cute!!

Now, most people would probably use these to store bits and bobs of stuff but I keep mine empty. Well, except for the dust bunnies that probably live in there. Why? Because I know if I started putting things in there, I'd totally forget about them and then I'd spend 2 hours tearing my office apart trying to find whatever it was that was conveniently tucked away in the cat's behind. So, I don't do that to myself. I just leave them empty & smile at them each time I glance up at the wall & see them sitting there looking all cute!!

Thanks for visiting me today to check out my great vintage items. Be sure to stop in over at Colorado Lady and see everyone else that's participating!!



Charlotte said...

I love your blog! I think we will be good friends.

Postcardy said...

Your planters are sweet. My favorite is the kitty because I like cat things, but the baby owl is awfully cute.

Charlotte said...

Finally, someone from my neck of the woods! Where in Rock Hill is your family? I go to a lot of yard sales in RH.

Charlotte said...

Finally, someone from my neck of the woods! Where in Rock Hill is your family? I go to a lot of yard sales in RH.

Manang Kim said...

Oh my they are so cute and so colorful. Thanks for sharing these. ^_^ Happy weekend!

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Maureen said...

Your collection is cute! Once you have more than 3 it's considered a collection!

Stephanie said...

I love your collection. I am not into owls either but wow that one is cute.

LV said...

There is still a young child in all of us. Those child planters have to be very special to you. They look cute the way you have them displayed.

Coloradolady said...

WEll....What took you so long?? LOL....so glad you linked in today...man, if you have not posted to VTT since then...that is a long time!!

I love your planter collection....I remember these too from the 60's, so sweet, but I am like you, don't want to pay too much for them! I love the owl....that one is so cute!!

Have a great VTT and a wonderful rest of the week.

Vonlipi said...

Those cute little planters make me smile! Thank you for sharing!

Lemondrop Marie said...

Those are so precious! I love the owl the most. I often look for owl vintage collectible jewelry and now you've given me another thing to search for!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Roslyn said...

Sweet reminds me of the cute collection my Mum had that always had a couple of fresh flowers in each. makes me sad when I wonder where they went?

Elizabeth said...

WELCOME BACK! I'm late on my VTT visits this week. I hope you checked out my 2 bracelet giveaways when you visited.

Cheryl said...

Your collection is so darn cute! I would glue that little cutie back together... with regular old glue. Then... take some paper clay to it to fill in any mixing pieces, sand away the extra and touch it up with some paint. All better!

Debbie said...

THey look cute as a collection. I can decide if I like the cat or the owl best but cute, cute collection.

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Hi, I'm Holly! I gave a little gasp when I saw your planters! I've just started collecting them again after having given up and given mine away a few years back. You're right THAT owl *is* cute. They usually remind me too much of 76, too! ♥

Rebecca said...

I love vintage planters, too! I have a few really cute ones but your's take the cake! I plan to turn a few into pin cushions. :) Thanks for sharing!