23 February 2010

More Snow? For Reals?

What's up peeps? I was sitting here at my desk, minding my own business, listening to Run DMC and reading some blogs when my weather.com add-on thing alerted me to the fact that we're under a Winter Storm Watch until Friday morning. So, being the little investigator that I am, I turn to my favorite source for accurate weather information (ahem, not weather.com because they are ALWAYS wrong!). A few weeks ago I found the most helpful, albeit kind of confusing at first weather forums over at Accuweather.com. All their talk about this model and that model...pffft...whatev - I totally don't understand all that mess but they have been almost completely 100% accurate about predicting the last 2 storms. And lets just say that some of the people on there are calling for more than 5" of snow. I'm going to have to keep checking back to see what they think will happen here in MD.

blizzardfeb10 555

So, yeah. More snow is on the way and I'd be surprised if it were only 5 inches! I was just commenting early today that we needed some fresh snow to cover up the ugly grassy patches that are showing up near our walkway! Woohoo!! And, this time, if a blizzard decides to drop 4 more feet of snow, Will IS HOME. Thank the good Lord! It might be nice to be snowed in with him for a week! It could also turn out to be a week in Hell if we were snowed in together. We have the tendency to get on each others nerves if we're around each other constantly for more than like 72 hours! I'm going to attribute that to the fact that for our entire marriage, he's had jobs which kept him from home for at least a few days a month so we really don't know what it's like to be around each other constantly. Better get used to that though considering this next job will have him home every night. Oh boy.

blizzardfeb10 557

Anyhow, no more snow talk until I see some flakes falling! Promise!

Will emailed 'the powers that be' the other night with our list of base choices. The first 4 were in Colorado, then Spokane, Anchorage, a base in Idaho and finally, a base in Massachusetts. Will thinks we should know by Christmas where we'll be heading next summer. It's both exciting and scary!

blizzardfeb10 579

And yesterday was the monthly reminder that my 30th birthday is fast approaching. Only 3 more months. Ack! I really need to get busy planning some sort of vacation! I would love, LOVE to go to Scotland for my 30th but I don't see that happening. We're going to have to take whatever vacation I decide on before my birthday anyhow because Will's job will start on the 18th. Think he'd mind if I took a solo trip to Scotland and the UK? That would be so amazing! I'm not sure I'd want to come back though. Well, I'd come back long enough to pack my house up, grab Will and the puppies and contact the post office with my new forwarding address! I'm not sure why we didn't put England on our list of places we'd like to get orders. That was kind of dumb!

blizzardfeb10 578

Anyhow...it's time to relax, catch up on some blogs & stalk the accuweather.com forums for the latest info on the impending storm. If you don't see me again for a few days, please send out the search & rescue party. I've sworn off chocolate for Lent so it's going to be challenging around here if I'm snowed in for any length of time! lol

PS- aren't my flowers gorgeous? These are the ones Will sent to me for Valentines Day. They are holding up quite well, don't you think?


blue eyed dragonfly studio said...

I almost started to cry when I saw we could be getting more snow. I would not mind another 4”, but the weatherman said it could be the biggest one yet. The last one we had two weeks ago was about 2’, I wanted to run out of the house screaming when I heard it. I saw quite a few robins today I hope that is a sign that spring is coming.

I will be turning 31 in less than two weeks, I like being thirty. My twenties were crazy, hectic and overwhelming, now 40 that is a whole different story, that is scary. Your flowers are beautiful. Have fun in the snow!

sMacThoughts said...

I have family in MD; one right in Baltimore city, so I KNOW what you've endured there. Best of luck with what is to come, and I am so amazed at how lovely the flowers still are!

vintagesue said...

we do need more snow to cover up the TRASH on the side of the road that is now appearing. now, now, i can say this because i grew up in maryland and it is my home state, but the snow covered all the flaws and i forgot about them...and now they are showing up again. it's ugly snow when it has been sitting for a long time. ugh. hang in there.
good luck with assignments and 30 isn't so bad. i spent mine in athens, georgia being sung to by a dud that looked like jerry garcia. seems like a long, long time ago....it was....and it was fun!!! enjoy it!!! it will get better before it all goes down hill..lol..
oh...and i have been snowed in the hubby....YIKES. good luck