07 February 2010


Ugh. Every muscle in my upper body is aching. My arms feel like wet noodles and I can barely even pick up the coffee pot to pour a cup of much needed caffeine. I feel like crap!! It snowed most of the day yesterday and when it finally stopped around 4, I swear I broke out into a chorus of "hallelujah". Of course, that's when the real *fun* began. Not!! I had to do more shoveling, which I might add, is one heck of a workout! Who knew! Obviously not me, because I've never had to shovel 32" of snow before.

My doggies were not happy with their 2' diameter patch of ground I had previously cleared for them so I had to make it bigger. They still weren't happy. Marty kept trying to figure out how to get up & over the 'wall' of snow. Silly dog.

He looked to the right:

Marty looking for an escape route

He looked to the left:

Marty looking for an escape route!

Finally, he thought he'd try to jump up onto the top of the snow. That didn't work out like he'd planned and he promptly sank into 3' of snow.

Marty Trying to get out!!

Then he looked at me like I was the crazy one. Meh, whatever. I warned him that would happen & he didn't listen.

Marty in the snow

Meanwhile, Scarlett was back on the deck, surveying the situation. She didn't feel the need to do any belly flops into the snow.

Scarlett Deck Saturday Afternoon

Earlier in the day, I had shoveled a path from my front porch down the walkway and made it within 5' of my car! I felt like I'd really accomplished something. The snow was 28" deep at that point. I started to feel dizzy so I came in to take a break when my fabulous down-the-street neighbor came over with his snowblower! I'm telling ya, if I hadn't been sitting inside in nothing but thermal underwear, I would've ran out & kissed the man! He cut a path from the road, up the sidewalk to my front porch, back down the walkway that I had just shoveled and then out our driveway!! He's my new best friend!! Of course, after the snow stopped, an additional 5" had fallen so I had to shovel again, but still, it wasn't nearly as bad as it would've been had he not come over!!

Here's a good view of how deep the snow is by my front porch. Please ignore all of the crap that's on the porch! lol

Front Porch

And this is what the view is from my driveway into my back yard.

Driveway looking into back yard

And our 4' tall fence, which has maybe 6" sticking up above the snow!!

Our 4' tall fence

This is the only part of my SUV that is still visible. This tiny little patch by the tire!

Car Saturday afternoon

Well, that's not true. Here you can see about 4" of what used to be my windshield wipers! lol

Car Saturday afternoon

After I finished shoveling the walk again, I started trying to dig out a space for Will's truck. I shoveled for a good hour and only ended up with a spot big enough to park a golf cart. I ran out of energy and daylight. Look at this great sunset though.

Sunset Saturday Afternoon

I came inside and collapsed in my chair in my office, read a few blogs, at microwaved food for dinner & was asleep by 9:00 last night.

Now, the sun is up & I get to go outside and start shoveling again. Whee! Will's flight has been delayed until tomorrow so at least I have another whole day to get him a spot cleared out! Did I mention we're supposed to get more snow on Tuesday/Wednesday?? It's pretty to look at but it'd be a lot more fun if Will was here to help me shovel!! And, for the record, if we get orders to anywhere that regularly gets snow like this, the first damn thing we're buying is a snowblower!!!


sMacThoughts said...

OH my gosh, bless you! That's a lot of work. I would gladly take it off your hands if that were possible. I love blizzards. We got a dusting here in Lower Manhattan. Bleahh. :)

Shara said...

Are you kidding? There is an SUV under there??? That is horrible. It is snowing here today too, but minor stuff compared to you. Stay safe!

vintagesue said...

there is more coming. i'll think about you when i am shoveling us out yet again...lol....ack. so much fun!! stay warm. be safe.
take care