04 February 2010

I *heart* Winter

No, really, I do. I love winter. Especially this winter. The last 2 winters? Eh, not so much. But this one? Oh yeah! We've had at least 5 accumulating snows so far this season. Last year? I think there was 2. The year before? One. Did I mention I love snow? Well, I do. Maybe it's because I grew up in SC and we very rarely saw snow. Maybe once every 4 or 5 years. And then, if we were extremely lucky, we'd get 2 or 3 inches. So, to me, having a true winter is still kind of new & exciting.

I woke up on Tuesday morning to this amazing sunrise.

feb10 075

And then yesterday morning, I woke up to this beautiful sight.

feb10 132

feb10 134

feb10 140

Unfortunately, it warmed up to 40 degrees so there was a lot of melting. Our ground is still covered though and really, that's all I care about! I really want to live in a place where the ground is white from November through at least March. I know I'm crazy but I'd much rather see pretty white snow than the ugly, brown, dead grass all winter!

So, as I'm sure you're all aware, the Mid Atlantic is supposed to get hammered by another storm tomorrow and into Saturday. Will is leaving tomorrow for the weekend. Which means I'm going to be home alone, again. Well, maybe not. My friend mentioned coming over on Friday to spend the night so we'll have a slumber party with our doggies and consume mass amounts of diet coke & Reese's peanut butter cups. And then on Saturday, I'll solicit her help in shoveling! Sounds like a plan, dontcha think?

Oh, btw, Will & I still haven't come to any real conclusions as to where we want to go after his Pentagon job is up in July 2011. We have to have the list done by 18 February. I would think that this would be one of those times where we'd be having some important talks and trying to really figure it out but so far, that hasn't really happened. Isn't it terrible that part of me wants to base our next location on how many thrift stores are in the area? Hahaha Sad but true. I'm not sure when/if he & I will find time to sit down and talk about this. He's gone all this weekend, part of next week, all of next weekend. And then the list has to be turned in. At this point, we should probably just hang a damn map on the wall & throw some darts at it & see where they land. Can you tell I'm a little frustrated?! Wish us luck.

Well, I need to go. Gotta do some chores, check the chocolate & diet coke supplies, get ready for the big storm! Ooh, I bought a new shovel yesterday too. It's one of those "back savers" with the bent handle. Can't wait to try that out! lol


Lemondrop Marie said...

Beautiful pictures! We are just wet and rainy today, but we may see SUN tomorrow, tres exciting.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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GeorgiaPeachez said...

Your weather sucks, but I hope I have some news that will brighten your day. You are the winner of my OWOH apron giveaway! Please send me your name and address and I will get your package in the mail tomorrow.
I will announce you as my winner on my blog later today, right now I'm off to work.
xo, suzy