05 February 2010


Hello my few & faithful readers! Just some quick pictures of the weather today. This is what my view was this morning around 10, right before the snow started falling. You can see the leftover snow from the Tues night storm.

feb10 023

The snow started falling around 10:15 but didn't stick until around 4:30. I took a long nap between 12:30 & 3 and was hoping that when I woke up that it would have started sticking already but that didn't happen! Why did I take such a long nap? Well, because Will was up at 3:00 this morning & left at 3:30 and I was wide awake for hours after that!! So, a nap was in order! Plus, I forgot to make any coffee when I came downstairs at 7:30 and I was dealing with a lack of caffeine for real!

Anyhow, I ran out first thing this morning to gas up my car & was planning on running into Walmart to pick up some last minute items (non-perishable foods I'd actually eat!) but the traffic just trying to turn into Wal-Mart was insane. I decided to come home and hang out here for a few hours until the madness died down. Ha!

Instead of going back to Walmart, I made a quick little trip at 4:15 to the grocery store down the street. That place is stuck in a time-warp. Feels like something straight outta the 1970s. Not that I was alive in the 1970s but I'm imagining what it must have been like. Bought some essentials (cheese puffs & cheez-its - sensing a pattern here!) and by the time I was on my way back home, the snow was really coming down and sticking. Lookie:

Friday afternoon

Friday Afternoon

Will made it safely to Colorado earlier and he said they didn't have as much snow on the ground as we did. Hahahaha - too bad for you! Oh, and I just read the funniest thing on Facebook:

Snow on da' ground.....snow on da' ground..... Drivin' like a fool wit da' snow on the ground....look at ya now - car spinnin around.....drivin like a fool wit da' snow on Da ground!!!

That is such an accurate statement for the people in Maryland!

Well, I'm going to relax for a while with my pot of coffee & stack of magazines & then go out and get a head start on shoveling! Don't wanna wait until tomorrow afternoon and then have to try and shovel 30" of this stuff outta the way!


Shara said...

Stay safe and stay warm!

"Not that I was alive in the 1970's..." Ack. Now I know I am OLD! :O)

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

yes, I do believe cheese puffs are an essential item!
I too took a long nap after my office closed at noon...now I'm afraid I'll be up all night! The snow falling tonight is just beautiful isn't it? It will surely paralyze us for weeks though!
Stay safe and warm!

Heidi said...

My DH was scheduled to attend school in DC this weekend but it was called off because of the snow. I'm so glad because I think he could have gotten there safely, but getting back here on Sunday night would be questionable.

I don't know where in Colorado your DH is this weekend, but we have NO snow at my house, and haven't for a good 3 weeks now! We've had a warm spell and it all melted, and no storms since then. The mountains have plenty still, but all we have to look at is yucky dead grass. Bleh.