06 February 2010


Wow. Just wow. I realized it's an overused phrase on the internet but I am having trouble thinking of adequate words other than those 2. lol

Last night, around 10, I measured 8" on the top of the patio table. I took this picture around 1 this morning before I went to bed. I'd say there's 10" or so on the table.

Deck Friday Night

This was the patio table at 6:30 this morning. I measured 19" but couldn't find the top of the table so I'm thinking it's a little more than that!

Deck Saturday Morning

I tried to clear a path off the deck & into the yard for the puppies. I couldn't tell how many steps I had already gone down, missed a step & ended up in a drift that was waist-deep. Thought I was going to be stuck for days!!

Back Deck

Once I got unstuck, I tried to shovel them a little patch of yard. This took serious effort! I can see why people tend to have heart attacks whilst shoveling!

Back Yard (part 1)

Neither dog would come off the deck. The dogs peed on.the.deck. lol Poor doggies. They would've been buried if they tried to get off the deck though so whatev!

This picture is blurry as hell but take a look at the garbage can lids. Those bushes beside it are usually around 6' tall. That's a 40 gallon trash can, btw.

Garbage Cans

Oh, and this little white blob that looks like a smart car? Yeah, that's my mid size SUV. Pretty sure I won't be driving that anytime soon. lol

Car Saturday Morning

Did I mention it's still snowing and we're still under a blizzard warning until 2200 tonight? I think they're still calling for another 10" of this stuff. We have snow drifts that are maybe 6" from covering our 4' tall fence! I am amazed. And a little irritated that Joe Biden decided to go to Colorado this weekend, thus leaving me (and all of the other wives/families of the people that have to fly w/ him) home alone during the worst snowstorm in MD history!! That's just sort of a jackass thing to do, don't you think? I'm not sure how Will thinks he's going to get home tomorrow & even if he does, I'm not sure where he's planning on parking because I can tell ya now that I'm so not shoveling that whole driveway!

I am cold, I'm hungry, I'm tired because my sciatic nerve is killing me and I cannot get comfortable when I try to go to sleep & only got 4 hours of shut-eye last night and I need to go start shoveling so hopefully the doggies can do their business somewhere other than my deck! God help me. It's going to be a hell of a day!!

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Swampgirl said...

It is time to seriously reconsider living up North! I'm sad that we have had so much rain and the temperature is in the 40's and 50's! I would never survive up there!