12 February 2010

UGH!! Why?!

Instead of attempting to get out of this house today & perhaps doing a little thrifting, I now get to stay home and try to shovel out a 4' deep canyon/gap/area around the perimeter of our yard. Why? Well, because the snow has now hardened and my dog just walked right over to the fence and almost jumped over. Okay, it wasn't so much a jump as it was just casually walking over. Thankfully, I saw her & yelled her name and she came running back!!

blizzardfeb10 261

Stupid snow.

I do not want to have to take the dogs out on a leash for the next week while I wait for this crap to melt far enough down that they can't escape. I'm thinking that's probably my only option at this point though because I just don't see how I'm going to be able to shovel all of that snow. I mean sure, the 40 pound dog can walk across it, but I know as soon as I get out there, I'm gonna sink up to my waist!

Btw, Will and I have sort of narrowed down the list of places we might want to move. Colorado Springs is on the top of the list now. Anyone lived there? Visited there? I drove through on my way back from Wyoming and it was pretty. Oh, and I checked and they have FIVE TARGETS there. Two of them are Super Targets! Yay!! And I googled & saw that there was plenty of thrift stores too!!

Of course, plans could change & we could end up staying in the area if Will is offered another job at the Pentagon after his year-long tour is up. If that happens, we're still moving - back to the bay because if I have to live here with all this crazy traffic, I at least want to be able to go home at the end of the day & have a nice view & a relaxing neighborhood!! Our current house is convenient for shopping but I'll sacrifice that in order to have a view of the Chesapeake Bay & not have to deal with planes, trains and the bus!!


Heidi said...

I've heard that Colorado Springs is a great place to live. It's affordable, family-friendly, there's lots to do, good weather, and you're only an hour from Denver. And lots of Targets. :) I remember when I lived in Savannah and I literally had to cross state lines to get to Target! I had to drive 45 min across the border to SC because we didn't have one yet. Now I have 2 Targets (one a Super) within 10 minutes of my house! Happy Day! :D

Lindsay Road said...

I just read all of your posts about snow, and then I read that you want to move north! Are you sure:)? The grass is always greener I guess, because we're dying to move soutn!

Brooke said...

Colorado Springs is MAGNIFICENT! We lived there back in the mid-90s when my husband was stationed at Ft. Carson. There were tons of thrift and antique stores. There was a to die for outside flea market every Saturday & Sunday right by Peterson AFB. It was called the Piggly Market or something like that, I remember a pig on the sign. Anyway, it is a DO NOT MISS! We lived on Bijou Street, right down the hill from a very nice Target/Hobby Lobby complex...heaven! Then there is Manitou Springs (artist community) and Old Colorado City just west of town as you head up into the mountains. Speaking of...Pikes Peak sure is beautiful to look at every day. There are outlet malls north of town by the Air Force Academy, on the way to Denver. Just lots to do and see. I wish we'd never moved away from there. In fact, it took me almost 10 years to recover when we decided to move back to Oklahoma to be with family...seemed like the right thing to do, but I wish everyday we had stayed. It's definitely worth considering.