23 June 2009

Mother Nature Hates Me

Wow, two posts in a week. This might be a record! lol Anyhow, so last Saturday morning I got up at the crack of dawn and came downstairs to make coffee & plan my yardsaling route. There were hundreds of sales around Baltimore so I was making quite the list of addresses and what was being offered at each sale. I was thoroughly enjoying my quiet time, sipping my deelish coffee, when all of a sudden a HUGE storm came through, dumping tons of rain and ruining all of my Saturday plans. Man I was pissed!!! Can someone please explain to me how it can be so nice & sunny every week and then be complete CRAP every weekend?!? I mean really! It rained most of the day and I was so disappointed that I'd missed all of those sales! I ended up convincing the husband to go to Kohl's with me and then we came home and slept for like 4 hours. What a waste of a day.


And then Sunday I spent like 3 hours clipping coupons and organizing my coupon binder and then another 3 hours at the Commissary doing some much needed grocery shopping. I hate clipping coupons. It's so monotonous and I have a short attention span so it's very hard for me to sit there & clip like 25 sets of coupons. But, I'm also very cheap, er, thrifty, so I refuse to pay full price for groceries if I can use coupons to save money. So, there I sat, clipping all of those stupid coupons. But, I saved $40 at the Commissary so I guess that was worth the time it took to clip and organize those things!


Monday was 25% off day at the Value Village so of course I got up bright & early so I could be there when it opened. I found some cute things for my shop and also for my house. And for my someday vintage camper that I am absolutely DYING to get. I hope that someday comes really soon! I think I've almost broken the husband down and convinced him to buy me one just so I'll shut the hell up about it already. I'm constantly checking Craigslist for a cute (and affordable) vintage camper. I look here in MD, and in VA, WV, PA, NJ, NY and OH! That's how obsessed I am. lol So, yeah, I'm putting away items that will one day go in my camper!!


I've been trying to list some new items in my shop today but I'm still having to use Will's crappy work camera and it is just not going well. I'm not used to having such an itty bitty camera and I don't like the way it works. I don't like that no matter how much adjusting I do to the camera, that the pictures still look like crap and I still have to spend tons of time editing them in picnik before I can put them in my Etsy listings. It's very annoying!! I did call Fuji today and they told me I could send my old (and currently deceased) camera to them and they can try to repair it. I really hope that can because at the rate I'm going, I'll never get all of the stuff I've recently bought listed because this other camera drives me nuts!! If Fuji is unable to fix the deceased camera, well, I'm guessing we'll be buying another one. I can't go without a camera for very long. And I've been needing an upgrade for about 4 years now. lol My little Fuji Finepix has served me well though and I've taken probably 10,000 pictures with that thing.


Well, I have to go. Gotta run to the ghetto post office down the street and then it's back to work! I'm going to be home alone for most of the night since Will had to fly to Ohio and Michigan (I think) and he won't be home until late. So, it's work until 6-ish and then I'm going to chill in bed all night, with the doggies and I'm going to catch up on all of my favorite bloggy friends! Yay!!

17 June 2009

So, it's the middle of June already...

And here I am making my first entry for the month! This year is flying by, don't you think? Good grief! I wish I could say that I've got lots of fabulous things to talk about or that I was out & about the last 3 weeks doing lots of fun stuff, but the reality of it is that I'm just lazy. There. I said it. Lazy. I mean don't they call it "the lazy days of summer"? Well, I'm definitely a believer!

Despite Maryland's recent monsoon season, I have still been thrifting on a regular basis. Last year after moving here to Baltimore county, I decided it was too far to drive down to Andrews AFB and visit my favorite thrift store. I mean that was almost 80 miles round-trip and with gas prices what they were, I couldn't justify that drive on a weekly (or twice weekly) basis. Of course this was before I started selling fabulous vintage goodies on Etsy and I was just shopping just to shop.

Luckily, gas prices went down substantially last winter and I started making the drive down there each Monday. I try to leave my house early enough on Monday morning so that I can go to the 2 thrift stores I like to visit closer to my house first and then I drive down to Andrews and meet up with the husband for lunch. We'll have a nice little lunch somewhere in the hood (remind me to tell you about the absolute fruitcake that we see every week) and then I'll go to my thrift store. I can't deny that I get some of the best stuff at that place so it's worth the drive. Now if gas goes back up to $4/gallon, I'll have to rethink that 80 mile commute!!

Speaking of my favorite thrift store, check out these swanky drapes I found on Monday:


Aren't they fabulous?!? I think they go well with this bedspread I found earlier this year:

Vintage 1960s/1970s Floral Bedspread

I'm having a hard time deciding if I should list them in my shop or not. They're kind of tacky, but on the other hand, I do love the bright aqua and purple! In fact, I think I want to take that bedspread out of my shop too, just in case, you know!

In other news, I've missed some great local sales lately. The Pink Cabbage had their annual Strawberry Days yard sale a couple of weeks ago and I had every intention of going but my friend decided to use that day as the day she removed the rest of her crap from our basement. Of course, she told us the day prior that she would be over "first thing tomorrow morning" which I took to mean 9:30ish, but that really meant "oh, I'll call you around 3, after you've wasted your entire day waiting on me, and then I'll expect you to drop everything and come running". I was *not* happy!

And then last week, my not-so-dear husband informed me that he'd invited various members of the outlaws over to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday. We were going to go to an Orioles game Friday night and then some of them would be leaving while others were staying the whole weekend. Now, I have no problem having family over. I just like to know ahead of time. You know, like I wish my husband would at least talk with me about it before he invites people over!!!

So, having said all that, I missed this amazing sale: Sue @ Vintage Rescue Squad's First (and last?!?) Annual Sale I was so not happy about missing that. See those pink chairs in the picture? Yeah, I think those would've come home with me if I had gone. Instead, I sat here at my house having to entertain our guests. Not my idea of a fun Saturday morning. My husband did take me to Ellicott City later that afternoon and I visited lots of antique stores so my day wasn't a complete waste.

Well, I have lots to do today. I need to get dressed and go find my dad something for Father's Day, I need to take pictures (my "good" camera kicked the bucket so I'm using Will's work issued camera- it sucks!) and try to list some goodies in the shop, I need to clean the house (again) and I need to finish putting out some of our patriotic decorations. I can't guarantee I'll be back this week but I will certainly try! Hope you're having a great day!!