11 December 2008

Our Foyer Tree

Usually, our "main" tree is the one I call "Will's tree" because it's the one with all of the mismatched, hodge podge ornaments. It has our special ornaments I buy us and the doggies each year, all of the old non-shiny brites, the bubble lights. That's normally our main tree but this year I decided I wanted a more formal looking tree to sit in our foyer. This is what I came up with:

christmas tree 2008

Please overlook the fact that I've yet to add a tree topper! I haven't found one I liked. And I've just noticed that really bright aqua ornament and it's driving me crazy so I'll be removing that ASAP! Otherwise, I really like the bronze-y/copper ornaments along with the blue. Our drapes have those same colors in them so it looks really nice I think.

Will's trip ended early last night thanks to some extremely bad weather in Georgia with torrential flooding which cause the plane to divert to Florida where they picked up more fuel, spent a couple of hours consulting with people back here at Andrews AFB which resulted in them flying home at 11:00! So, he's home today and we're going to try to get some things done around the house. I may go back to the thrift store and see if that dresser is still there too!


Shannon said...

that is really cool; I actually kind of like the big aqua ornament! I like your color scheme too.

Jana said...

Oooo, you know what would be perfect atop your trendy tree? A peacock tree topper. Google "peacock ornaments" or here's a peacock feather topper which I've noticed at other sites too.


Swampgirl said...

Believe me - the weather was really bad! We live just over the state line in AL and we had the same weather - just earlier than GA. Our house shook as much as it ever has during a Hurricane! I like the idea of peacock feathers for a tree topper, too!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how taking a picture makes you want to immediately move ornaments? I think your tree looks great (aqua ornament and all). I can't find a topper for my tree this year either ... I'd rather go without than have one I don't really like. Maybe we'll start a trend - no tree toppers unless they're awesome. Barbara

Aleta said...

Your tree is beautiful! And, Barbara (see previous comment) - I like the "no tree topper" idea. We can never find the right topper. This year we used an ornament with our granddaughter's picture on, that she had made for us two years ago.