24 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Hey guys! I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas Eve with your families and friends. Will had to work tonight so I've been keeping myself occupied watching HGTV and Food Network! He'll be off at 10:00 though and we've got plans to drive to the Town Square (which really is only 2 blocks away but it's too cold to walk!) and take some pictures of the pretty lights and the snow.

Yesterday morning after Will came home from work and caught a cat nap, we got up and headed to the DQ for some lunch and then drove up to Grand Teton park. It was deserted and simply amazing. I cannot believe how much more beautiful the park is in the winter than in the summer. I mean I thought it was absolutely breathtaking in August, but that was nothing compared to yesterday. Everything was coated in thick, powdery snow and it was just so pretty. I almost thought I'd cry! I was really hoping we'd see lots of wildlife but no such luck! We saw this guy right before we left the park though.

Grand Tetons December 2008 Coyote

After the trip to the park, we came back into town and tried to find our missing package that is being held hostage at the local post office but that was pointless! After standing in line for half an hour, we got the same answer we received on Monday. Basically, our package is here at the post office, it was marked undeliverable to our hotel (this is after we called before ordering and confirmed w/ the hotel that we could have something shipped and checking to see if we had the right address!!) but the Post Office has told us that our package sits among approximately 1000 others that have been marked undeliverable and that they don't have the time to search for it. UUUUUUGH!! I hope they make time to search for it before we leave!!

Anyhow, after the Post Office fiasco, we came back to the room and rested for a while before heading to another one of our favorite restaurants, Teton Steakhouse. Our plans were to eat dinner and then head over to the Snow King tubing place but we ate so much that the snow tubing didn't happen! Our dinner was fabulous though and we'll go snow tubing later this week!

We had a nice breakfast here at the hotel this morning and then went walking around downtown. The stores are all having fabulous sales which is nice but there weren't many people out shopping. Will had to go to work at 2, so we didn't have much time to hang out downtown but in that short time we were out walking around, my face managed to get wind burned and I look like a big old lobster now! Take a look at the friend we made today down at the Town Square:

Lori & Will Jackson Hole Dec 2008

Here are a few other pictures from the Grand Teton Park that we took yesterday.

Grand Tetons December 2008

grand tetons december 2008 1

grand tetons december 2008 3

Grand Tetons December 2008 4


Aleta said...

Awesome!!! The little dog (in the previous pics) looks like he wants to get out and play in the snow!
Is that a coyote or a wolf? I'm betting wolf. That one scene would make up for all the wildlife I didn't see. That picture looks like something you'd see in a tourist brochure! Great shot! Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Love your Etsy store and all the vintage goodies! Wishing you a very Happy New year filled with wonderful things!

Stay Warm!


Lisa B. said...

Happy New Year! I'm glad your having/had such a good time in Jackson...it certainly is a beautiful place!!