12 December 2008

I Bought the Dresser!! Oh, and I'm heading to Jackson for Christmas!

Amazingly enough, the dresser was still there! And I bought it with my 25% discount so I only paid $23 including tax. Man I love a good bargain. I've already started loading it up with all of my stuff and I took my work table out of the room because I don't really use it. I mean the top is always full of junk but I needed the storage from the dresser and I can still use the top for crafting or wrapping up purchases!

And I finally broke down and bought my ticket out to Wyoming today too! I'm glad I waited because I found an even cheaper flight out there. I double checked a few things and found out that for $28 dollars more I could stay a day longer and fly home the same day as Will!

So, I haven't even started my Christmas shopping and it doesn't look like I'll get much done before we leave. Just as well. We can do Christmas when we get back in January. I do need to go pick up a few things before I get out there. Like good quality thermals and some appropriate footwear for cold and snowy weather.

I think I'm done listing Christmas items in my Etsy shop. I hope I can find some time next week to do a little thrifting before I head to Wyoming. I need to find some new stuff to list when I get home. I would say I could do some thrifting while I was in Wyoming but I know how those stores are in Jackson so that's not looking promising at all!

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