16 December 2008

Winter Wonderland

So, things here in Maryland have been insanely busy the last few days. The day I booked my flight I finally heard from my best friend (the one that is kind of MIA a lot) and she ended up coming over and spending a few nights here. It was hard breaking the news to her that I was indeed leaving and I felt a bit guilty because we had talked about spending Christmas together since our husbands would be away. Then I didn't hear from her for a couple of weeks and I thought about it and decided that I couldn't base my holiday's and plans around her because although I love her, she's a bit unpredictable! It very well could've come down to me staying home and her deciding to leave at the last minute. I'm trying to not feel guilty about her being here alone for the holidays, but she does know other people here and I don't so she'll be fine.

Will and I had his work Christmas party Saturday night. That was a huge, huge disaster and a pointless waste of time. I'm not sure what the planning commission was thinking while planning this but, um, yeah...I just can't even describe how bad it sucked! I mean who, WHO thought it was going to be a good idea to start off the party playing Rock Band on a projector screen in front of 300 ADULTS? I'm sorry, but the last thing that should happen FIRST at a Holiday Party is a Rock Band competition.

And if that weren't bad enough, *someone* thought it would be a good idea to skip having table numbers and instead make each table sing a Christmas Carol before getting in the line for the food. Our table only had 6 people and 5 of us were boycotting this whole singing idea when this lady whose a Captain in the Army and has been in the service for 22 years, stood up and said "I'm a grown ass woman and I paid for a ticket to this party, I'm not singing ANYTHING" and then walked to the buffet line. The rest of us followed her!

Oh, and then after dinner, someone thought it a good idea to play a little game we'll call "Frozen T-Shirt Contest". And the point of this game was to see which guy could crack open a block of ice first and put the frozen t-shirt on. When the whole Scavenger Hunt began, I told the husband it was time to get the heck outta there. Needless to say, unless I'm part of the planning commission next year and can ensure this nonsense won't be happening, we aren't going to the next party!

Anyway, I've spent the last couple of days buying some last minute stuff for my trip out to Wyoming. I did take an hour and go to the VV yesterday for 25% off day. Can you believe I didn't buy anything for my Etsy shop? I just didn't see anything I really wanted to spend money on! So, my trip to Wyoming is fast approaching and I am getting SO excited! I cannot wait to see the mountains and the snow and the wildlife. I cannot wait to get back to the place that holds a piece of my heart. And I am really looking forward to eating at the Village Inn and getting a huge piece of pie! I have to start packing tomorrow as Will is taking all of my luggage with him on Saturday but he has to pack the truck Friday night since he's leaving here at 5:00am Saturday. Do you think he'll look funny carrying my pink polka dot luggage? lol

Did I mention we're doggy-sitting my best friend's puppy? She's a big ol Golden Doodle and a huge goofball. She's only 6 months old but already 55+ pounds. She and my doggies get along so well and they just love when she comes over. She's been here since Friday night and her mom (the bf) has been here every night too but the friend is having some issues and needed to leave the doggy here tonight while she went home. I'm totally okay with doggy sitting because Charlie (the dog) usually sleeps in our room with my dogs whenever she's here anyway! For some reason she behaves better for us than her own mother! And since my friend is watching our dogs while we're gone, I don't think watching her puppy one night is too much to ask!

Anyhow, lemme leave you with a picture that I stole off of the webcam out in Jackson. This is the view of the Town Square at night. Look at all of that snow. I swear I'd move in a heartbeat if there were more thrift stores and a Target!!


Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Oh that office party scene just cracks me up! It sounds like it's straight out of the tv show "the office" and the woman who stood up and announced "I'm a grown ass woman" how did you NOT bust out laughing!?
So happy you are going to Wyoming.....I read a few weeks ago where you were really wrestling with the idea! Have a wonderful time!
Thanks for visiting me today!

Aleta said...

Oh, the Christmas party store really had me laughing! That is a hoot how the woman stood up and made her announcement! Isn't real life even funnier than fiction?
The snow in Wyoming looks so wonderful! And the lights are so pretty! Have a great time!