11 February 2009

Spring is in the Air!

Well, for today anyhow! We're supposed to get some rain/snow mix on Saturday, but today the weather is lovely!! I'm starting to get in the mood for Spring Cleaning, which is a great thing, because my craft room is still a disaster and the rest of the house is just kind of blah. I'm ready for the days when I can pull back the drapes & open the windows and get some fresh air circulating through this place!

In an attempt to get my never ending craft room re-do finished up, I've spent the better part of today doing some much needed organizing and I've worked on a couple of projects too. I'm changing out the window treatments in here. You guys remember back in November I bought those oh-so-cute striped valences, right? Well, Target is having a huge clearance and the matching full length curtains are on sale. So, I bought those and I'm hanging them up today. The valences will go in our guest room upstairs.

I'm hoping that the husband will be around this weekend so he can hang some shelves in here too. I have some really cute pink corner shelves I bought at a thrift store last summer that I want to hang up in here. I had bought them to go in the guest room but I need them in here more than I do in there!

So, are you guys doing anything for Valentine's Day? Will and I went to dinner at Outback last night and I told him during dinner that I didn't want to go out again this weekend. I think I'll make us a nice dinner here at home and we can just hang out and relax! Last weekend while Will was in Germany with VP Biden, Andrea and I drove up to Hershey, Pa and went to the Chocolate Buffet! It was $35 and worth every single penny. The buffet started at 7:00 and there was such a huge spread on the table. It was almost ridiculous! I ate so much chocolate I thought I was going to be sick! I think we'll make this an annual event although next year I definitely want to get a room and spend the night. Driving home after eating all of those desserts was not fun! Needless to say, I do not want any chocolate from Will for Valentine's Day. Unless of course he's going into the District to the Leonida's store. I can't turn down Leonida's chocolate since those are my all-time favorites!

I'm hoping to get around to some of your blogs this afternoon & tonight so I can catch up on what you all have been doing. I seriously need to get back into some sort of regular blogging/reading schedule! I'm such a slacker lately.


Shannon said...

I would love to go to something called a chocolate buffet! Now I am bummed we didn't stop in Hershey last summer; we were in Strasburg/Lancaster to visit the train museum.

Rebecca said...

Hello! I'd love to tell you about the next treasure sale. Drop me a line and we'll chat, my email should be attached to this comment.

I'm originally from Baltimore and now live in NYC. I come home often to visit and I always thrift. We should meet up some time!


Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

I just LOVE the Outback. We don't have one here so it's a treat for us! I think we will have a low key Valentine's Day this year since Mical's son is in such critical condition. Don't really feel up to celebrating.

Emily said...

I have spring fever here too! And I have been in the mood for deep cleaning around the house. Hope you have a wonderful Valentines! We are hoping to go out on Saturday as a family. I'm excited.