29 January 2009

Did I Say I Liked Winter?!?

I am a big fat LIAR! We had snow on Tuesday during the day. Several inches. Then that night it sleeted another couple of inches. Then early, early yesterday morning (like 0300 early) everything iced over. Complete mess!! And then yesterday during the day it warmed up to almost 40 degrees. But last night it dropped down to 22. So, everything refroze. Into a huge sheet of ice.

So, anyhow, I get dressed this morning thinking I'll go to the VV for 25% off day (for the cardholders, which I am!) and I spent a good hour taking my time, doing my hair and make up, since after the VV I had to drive the 40 miles down to Will's work and get my ID card renewed and I didn't want to look like poo, which is how I am still feeling, but I digress. So, I spend an hour getting dressed and I look good and I'm feeling better and I gather all of my crap to walk outside and I almost broke my neck! The "path" from the door to my car is like an ice skating rink. I have absolutely no traction, despite my wearing ugly snow boots, and I almost broke my neck!! I mean I realize SNOW boots are meant for SNOW but come on. I thought I was being smart by wearing something made for winter weather. Hell, if I'm going to be slipping and sliding all over the place I might as well wear cute shoes.

I managed to get to my car and throw all of my stuff in the passenger side seat and then I had to trek all the way back across the front yard to drop off a package at the mail box. And then walk back over to my car. I wasn't feeling very optimistic by this point because if I couldn't even walk across the yard, how was my car going to get out of the drive way. Well, simply put, it didn't. Which is why I'm home now, on blogger, in quite the bitchy mood. See, our little drive way is basically a mud pit and it has been since the beginning of December. The snow and rain have just turned our gravel parking spots into muck and it's nasty. Will's truck was able to leave Tuesday, yesterday and today. My car has been parked since Monday and there is ice all around it. I don't think I'm going anywhere anytime soon & I'm starting to go stir crazy sitting in this house!

I was so mad a few minutes ago that I ventured outside to our back yard (another big ol sheet of ice) and I went into our shed and found a spade/hoe thingamajig and I started hacking up the back yard. You know, a path from the shed to the back door. Not the *whole* yard. I'm sure I looked like a giant idiot doing that but hey, it worked and I had traction while walking!! So, I may try to go out and do that to the front yard too and maybe around my car and maybe I'll get to leave this place this afternoon. Our driveway is in the shade though so I doubt much melting will take place and trying to hack away at ice is quite tiring!

I guess I could make good use of this time by doing Etsy related things or cleaning the house but I'd much rather be at the Value Village and Target (which, btw, is having another huge clearance sale!). Thanks for listening to my rants. I'm feeling a bit better!!


Emily said...

I've heard it's pretty scary around the country with these ice storms. We had our power out for awhile here. It's not fun!!!

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

I feel your pain! Walking out our front door you are taking your life into your own hands! We didn't get to shovel the first time it snowed...then it iced..then it melted and refroze...ish! I can't even dig my feet in the grass/ice/snow to try and walk! I HATE winter! ALways have and Always will!
Some of it did finally melt in the backyard...but the front....still an ice rink