25 February 2009

Don't You Just Love...

when you buy something at a thrift store and it turns out to be even more fabulous than you originally thought? I'm not talking about money, per se, but just in general!

I bought these great little bird prints at a thrift store on Monday of last week. It was during the President's Day Sale so everything was 50% off. I scored both of these for a mere $2.90! I love old pictures like these. Normally I find pictures of flowers which I love but I think I like the birds more! And I especially love(d) the chippy green paint on the frames!

Vintage Bird Print Cruise Ship Menu

Vintage Bird Print Cruise Ship Menu

When I buy these little gems, I almost always take the backs off of the frames so I can check out what kind of paper it is. It's interesting to me to see if the picture was once part of a calendar or maybe it was torn from a magazine. I love that someone once re-used what was available to them to help decorate their home. That's thriftiness right there, don't you think? So, having done this a time or two in the past, I fully expected to pull the back of the frame off and find an old page from a magazine. Imagine my surprise when I found this:

Vintage Bird Print Cruise Ship Menu

That's right. It's a dinner menu from a cruise ship! It's dated 1956. How great is that?!

Vintage Bird Print Cruise Ship Menu

Certainly better dining options than the all-you-can-eat pizza and chicken fingers they serve these days!

Vintage Bird Print Cruise Ship Menu

I can't wait to get these hung up in our guest room. They are just so charming and will look great in there! Have you ever bought something at a thrift or antique store that you later realized was even better than you thought? I know I can't be the only one that has this sort of thing happen!!


Stephanie said...

How clever was that, a menu. The only cool thing I have found so far was a graduate picture with the typical drape of a Law Student, behind a "paint by numbers" painting. It was sort of funny pbn trumps graduation!

Emily said...

How neat is that! What a great find!

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Oh, these are so cool!!! They are so pretty and what an added bonus of what they really are...old cruise menus! I LOVE them!!! You hit the jackpot with these! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

Anonymous said...

I've found fun stuff, but never a cruise ship menu! Yum!

My Maine Cottage said...

So much fun! :-) I wouldn't even think to take out the picture and see what was behind it, gosh who knows what I've been missing all this time!

By the way, I got my bedding from the online site for Walmart, Overstock.com and Macys. No set cost over $50.00 including the pillow shams & what not and I had free shipping on all of them!