26 August 2010

Vintage Playing Cards

Hola, my vintage-y peeps. Today is Thursday which means it's time to share things for VTT, hosted by Colorado Lady. Yay! I love Thursdays. Not just for VTT but because it's also 25% off day at the Value Village, which is where most of these great items came from.

Today, I'm sharing with you my collection of vintage playing cards. Well, I don't really "collect" them so much as I buy them to turn around and sell, but they do spend some time in my house so I guess we'll just pretend that it's a collection!!

I think the first set I ever bought was the cute little Beagle cards above. I just loved their sweet faces!! And these roses? Meh - not really my thing at all but they were in a baggie full of other items so they are here too.

I don't really care for these lilies either but somehow they ended up in my cart, in the bag and in the house. I should probably redonate these & get them outta here!

Now these flowers? These funky, bright flowers that remind me of embroidery? Yeah, these I like! I think I've sold them all though so all I have left are the memories. I'm okay with that!! Less clutter, ya know?

I bought these duck cards a few months ago and I just love them. They're manly! And the colors are so bright. I mean they're a little too manly and too country for me to ever display them in any way but they're for sale in my Etsy shop and someone else can enjoy them! lol

These are my absolute favorite cards ever! I just love the colors and the horse and the spunky little blond riding said horse. They came in a velvety box which was supposed to have another deck inside as well, except with a boy on a horse but there wasn't a full deck of those. I wish I would've kept a few of these for myself as they'd look fab beside the pastel color horse show ribbons that I picked up at the thrift store a few months back!!

And finally, I just picked these up today! I love vintage bird prints so these are just a super fab find!! I haven't checked yet but it seems like they are complete decks and it's going to be awfully hard for me to part with these. I love how the bird on the right looks like he's hollering out to his birdie wife "hey, where the hell's my dinner?" hahaha

So, there you have it  -- most of my vintage playing card collection. I love cards even though I don't play any card games. Just seeing them around reminds me of my late PaPa. He was always sitting at the table playing cards. I can still picture being a little girl and going to his & MaMa's home and pulling open the drawer in the kitchen and seeing stacks of cards all rubber-banded together. Aww! Of course he never had any of these fancy schmancy cards!! No velvety boxes of cards, just the regular packs you'd buy at the checkout at Revco. I'm definitely more partial to the nice boxed sets though.

Thanks for visiting me today for VTT. I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of my fabulous thrift store finds!!


LV said...

I never did learn anything about cards, so I have none. One thing for sure, you have some very pretty and interesting ones. A great collection. Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog.

Ann said...

The cowboy ones are my favorite, I don't think I could part with those. All of them are nice however. Happy VTT

Maureen said...

Well that's a fun thing to collect and doesn't take up much room. Much less than, say a burro! Like you, I am smitten with them too.

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