20 July 2011

Loving but Letting Go

Summer is in full swing and I have been super busy getting somewhat settled into my new pad. Apartment life isn't so different from house life but it's taken some getting used to, for sure. Namely, the whole dog-walking thing. And although this apartment is smaller than my old house, it doesn't feel cramped and tiny like I thought it would. I am still attempting to unpack and organize my junk and with that comes the realization that I have to sell off some of my beloved treasures. Even though I don't feel cramped in here, I've realized that the space I do have needs to be organized and filled with things I love and can't live without. That brings me to this post - loving but letting go. 

Years ago, when I first started this blog, I realized my love affair with vintage chenille bedspreads. Well, that's not entirely true. I'd suspected that I had a love affair with them a year prior, when I found the super fantackstic double peacock bedspread at the thrift store. But, after I started this blog, I kept finding all these great chenille bedspreads and of course I had to buy them. And I kept them around, folded on closet shelves, in storage bins, basically anywhere that I could find room. I loved looking at them -- the colors, the patterns -- all of the pretty designs. I even used a few of them on the bed, or as a bed skirt, or as a backdrop for photos. They've brought me a lot of joy in the years that I've had them but the time has come to send them to their new homes. 

One day, when I'm old and have a huge mansion to fill with vintage junk, I'll buy more chenille bedspreads and hoard all of them. And when I die, someone will thank their lucky junking gods when my family has an estate sale and it's filled to the rafters with so much vintage junk that they can barely open the doors. In the meantime, I am still living in the apartment and can't keep everything. Or even most things. Downsizing is such a dirty word!! 

I'm kind of sad about having to send these beauties on their way but I know there are a lot of other vintage lovers out there that will cherish these bedspreads. Or, cut them up and make new lovely things with them, so that helps to ease the pain of having to destash my goodies!! I have several more that I need to photograph and add soon! These fabulous spreads are in my Etsy shop.

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I enjoy your blog!

I've nominated you for an award at http://onceuponafirefly.blogspot.com/2011/08/thank-you-brit.html