13 September 2011

Vintage Children Books

I've come to the realization recently that I have started a new 'collection'. This time, it's vintage children's books. I didn't mean to start collecting these things. In fact, I bought these to resale in my Etsy shop but I can't seem to part with very many of them. 

This past Friday, my friend from Etsy and I went on what we like to call "Friday Funday" wherein we get in her car and then shop til we drop at thrift stores. One Goodwill we went in had *the* best vintage children's books. 

The graphics in these books are fantastic. They would be perfect for cutting and crafting, or cutting and framing, yet I cannot bring myself to do such a thing. 

 I am going to force myself to list some of these books because I do not have the space to continue to hoard them. I will read through them, enjoy the sweet pictures and then let them go on to a new home. 


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