16 November 2011

Five Weeks

The holidays are quickly approaching and with less than 6 weeks until the big day, I am starting to think that I won't even get a tree put up this year. My holiday decorations are, for the most part, buried in my bff's garage 20 miles away. And when I say buried, I mean buried. As in those were the first boxes I put in there last spring because I thought 'oh, I'll have time to come here and sort this mess out over the summer' and well,that didn't happen. So, the likelihood of having a tree this year? Slim. lol

I've been busy busy busy sorting through vintage Christmas goodies here at my house though. I spent all day yesterday taking pics, editing, listing like crazy in my new kitschy Christmas shop on Etsy: Very Kitschy Christmas and also uploading pics to my new kitschy Christmas blog: Very Kitschy Christmas blog

If you have a second, please check the links out and tell me what you think! I decided to make new places for all the Christmas stuff so I could keep it separate from the rest of my vintage goodies!! 



Charlotte said...

I swear every year that i am going to organize my decorations, but when it comes time to pack up, everything just gets thrown into containers :-(

Heidi said...

Your new Etsy store looks great! The photography is really nice.