30 October 2011

Happy Halloween

Want to know what 34 feet of feathers and 104 yards of tulle look like? Well, I'll show you! Take a look at this:

 It took fooooooooorever to get those feather boas on the shirt. I decided Friday a week ago that I really wanted to dress up as a flamingo for Halloween this year. Flamingos are my favorite bird so what better reason did I need to dress as one? Well, how about this reason:

How hilarious is that gnome? LOL Once I decided to be a flamingo, I figured I could get the honey to be a garden gnome and together we could go as "Tacky Yard Ornaments". 

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures with my good camera so the only ones I have are these crappy quality cell phone pics. Well, the bf has one on his camera but I don't know if he has the cables to that camera and my card reader doesn't recognize his card so I can't get the picture off of it yet.

Anyway, we went to the club last night and everyone thought our costumes were adorable and original and the best there. We entered the costume contest but didn't hear them announce when it was time to line up so we missed out on winning. I know we would have -- look at us! 

I am trying to find an excuse to wear my costume again since it was such a pain to make. Am I *really* too old to go Trick or Treating?! 


Heidi said...

You guys look amazing! I'm sure you would have won the contest!

Vintage Whimsy said...

Thanks, Heidi. We had such a great time. I wish I had a reason to wear the costume again tonight but the honey has rejected my pleas to go trick or treating! lol He's such a party pooper!

Susan Stevenson said...

WOW!!! That looks great!!!!!