19 October 2011

Nine Weeks til Christmas

Have you started shopping yet? Aside from scanning in 100s of vintage Christmas cards, I'm not even thinking about Christmas yet. I'm enjoying the pretty fall colors on the trees, the nice crisp mornings, the rainy weather, the early nights. 

The Baltimore Big Flea is this weekend and I am hoping to find lots of vintage Christmas goodies for my shop. And once Halloween is over, hopefully the thrifts will start putting out more Christmas items. I'm ready to get my paws on some vintage Shiny Brites but for now, I will go get another cup of pumpkin spice coffee and enjoy the bright yellow tree outside my living room window!! 

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

The Big Flea, fun! My Mom said she thinks she went last year and didn't like it but can't remember if that is the one she is thinking of or not. Do you reccomend it? She likes the treasures sales and thrift shops. Cheers!