09 June 2008

More Thrift Store Goodies...

It's official. I have an addiction to the thrift store near my house. Seriously. Part of me wishes I had never found that place because it's like crack. I can't stay away. But, I always walk out of there with fabulous deals and they always have the best stuff too!

Here are some of my fabulous finds for today. Sorry for the picture quality. I have yet to find a good spot in the house for taking pictures.

A little set of strawberry canisters that will go in my scraproom. $4.95 for the set.

Another adorable little jar- it has Scotty dogs going around it and I just love Scotty dogs. Less than $1.50. It's also going in my scraproom.

Two little pink shelves which I could not get a good picture of because they are supposed to go in a corner and it was impossible to stand them up like that and take a picture. These are going in one of our guest rooms. And only 3.93 for the set.

I have a small obsession with vintage linens. Especially sheets and pillowcases. I cannot resist buying the ones that have roses on them. Therefore these two full sized flat sheets had to come home with me and for only 1.98 each, it's cheaper than buying new!! Besides, new sheets made these days are horrible!!

And here's a sweet little twin sized fitted sheet with blue roses. It too was 1.98 and it'll find a home on one of the twin sized guest beds. Too cute!

Finally, here's a little green check tv tray that I'm going to repurpose and use in the scraproom. Just a little picture hanging wire on the back and I'm going to use this as a magnetic board to hold things on. Less than $2 too!

Oh, I almost forgot. I picked up this cute little embroidered piece for less than a dollar. I'm going to paint the frame and then hang this in one of the guest rooms. Maybe I'll start collecting these and group them together.

Now hopefully I can resist the urge to go back to the thrift store until at least Friday but I doubt it. Maybe I should look into getting a job there so I can support my habit!


Super Kawaii Mama said...

Some very cute finds there. Doesn't it just give you such a rush when you discover great things?

Liz said...

What cute stuff! Love the scottie jar!