19 May 2009

Birthday Parties (and other fun stuff)

So, our doggy turned 9 on Sunday. Well, we're guessing he's 9- we honestly don't know because he was homeless before the rescue group we adopted him from picked him up on the streets of Columbia, SC. The rescue guestimated him to be 3 when we adopted him in 2003, so we're assuming he's 9. Either way, we celebrate his birthday on 17 May, which is the day we adopted him. So, we did a little doggy party for him on Sunday, complete with ice cream and a new toy! I made him a little party hat but it looks more like a dunce cap than a party hat. lol He quite enjoyed his ice cream! Here's a picture of my favorite boy in the whole world.

Marty's 9th Birthday

And I'm celebrating my 29th birthday on Friday. Ack! I can't believe I'm turning 29. That seems so old. I mean didn't I *just* turn 18 like last month?? Geez. One more year before I enter a whole new decade. And as my luck would have it, Will is gone for the entire week. Fabulous. But, my mom is coming up tomorrow to spend a few days and I am SO freaking excited!! She's coming up ALONE! We haven't spent any alone time together in over 3 years so I'm so looking forward to this week/weekend!! Will comes back from eastern Europe on Saturday morning so we'll celebrate my birthday then I suppose.

I have a busy, busy day ahead of me. I have to ship off some items from my Etsy shop, refill Marty's medicine, drive the 80+ miles round trip down to Base & pick up Will's truck since my friend is supposed to move into her new condo tomorrow and we need to get her crap loaded up tonight. I still need to do some cleaning before my mom gets here tomorrow, too. Did I mention I've been terribly sick with a sinus infection? lol Good times!! I'd really love to sleep all day but we all know that it's impossible to do that and not feel guilty so I'm pushing on!

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Tikimama said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet doggy!

And to you, too! Believe me, turning 29 is nuttin! I'd love to be hitting that milestone again! I turned 40 last October. I've decided it's really not as bad as we all make it out to be - it's all about how you live your life!

I hope you can get through all that craziness with feeling so under the weather. At least you have your mom's visit and your husband's return to look forward to - have fun!