28 May 2009

Photographic Evidence

Hey guys! I'm back and feeling 1000% better. Finally!! My mom came up last week and spent a few days here and that was fabulous! We did lots of thrift and antique store shopping and I found so many new goodies! Here are some pictures of my latest finds:

Lots of great vintage invitations-

Vintage Cocktail Invitations

Vintage Rooster Cocktail Buffet Invitations

Vintage Pink Party Invitations

Lots of great vintage flash cards-

German-French cards:

Vintage German-French Flash Cards

French-English cards:

Miniature French-English Flash Cards

Some HUGE food flash cards:

Vintage Flash Cards

Vintage Flash Cards

Vintage Flash Cards

A few weeks ago I found a ton of these vintage floral pictures that were once in National Geographic magazines. I must have 30 of these!

Vintage National Geographic Flower Print

So, as you can clearly see, I've been busy doing lots of thrifting & lots of Etsying too! I have so many items I've yet to take pictures of but I'll hopefully get around to that today or tomorrow!

In other news, I turned 29 last Friday. I simply cannot believe I'm 29! It's going to come as a huge shock next year when I turn 30. lol I'll have to start checking a whole new age bracket on surveys. Will was gone for my actual birthday but I still had a great day. It was very low-key and I really enjoyed it!

On Monday, my Mom and I made one last run to a thrift store as she was on her way out of town and I totally scored! The store was having a huge sale & everything was 50% off. YAY! Later that afternoon, Will and I went into Baltimore proper & watched the Orioles game. It was a nice time. Well, until it started pouring rain anyhow. Note to self: don't wear a white shirt to a baseball game. At least not if rain is in the forecast! Oopsie

So, that's about it from here in my cute (yet very messy) office! I need to get off of the computer, package up some items, go to the Post Office and then come home and organize this room! I hope you all are doing great & having a fabulous day!!


Sonya-Dime Store Thrift said...

LOVING the invites...A cocktail buffet?? I am SO THERE:)

Tikimama said...

Oh yeah, I hope you list those invites! I could really use some of those!

Happy Birthday again! 29 is nuttin' girl! Wait til you hit the big 4-0!

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

Those flash cards are great! I don't even remember 29. (Actually I do, but it was long ago, and it was probably my best year ever - hope yours is, too!)

vintagesue said...

thanks for stopping by the blog!!! you blog too is adorable!!! we will be pcs'ing to aberdeen maryland. i grew up in rockville, so maryland is home for me!!! i will keep in touch and put you on my blogroll!!!!
happy hunting!!! lots of treasures in penn. to be found too.
take care
thank you husband for his service...and you too!!!

Brooke Meyenberg said...

What a score! A total and complete score! Love 'em! All of 'em!
Found you via Crossroads Cottage. LOVE your site(s)! Such fun stuff. Cheers! Brooke