14 May 2009

I'm back. (I think!!)

Wow, blogging peeps! I've been gone almost a whole month and I'm hoping I've finally found enough motivation to get back on track. This last month has been insanely busy though so I've had good excuses for not writing. Between my doctor appointments and the appointments at the vet for my boy dog, I've seen enough doctors and offices to last for a while! My uh, issues, from last month were never really diagnosed and I've been referred to a rheumatologist so maybe I'll have answers one day!

In other news, my friend moved in with Will and myself a few weeks ago. She's waiting for the condo she's going to be renting to get new carpet & paint before she moves in. It's been a lot of fun having her here and I'm sure Will is enjoying having 2 "wives" lol! And our girl doggy is loving having the other doggy here to play with, so all in all, it's working out well.

I've been trying to get some Etsy related stuff accomplished this week too. May is proving to be a very slow month! And my thrift store visits today were mighty slim. Pretty disappointing but there's always next Monday!

Will left today for a little jaunt to California for 2 days. And he'll be overseas all of next week. Boohoohoo. I'm trying not to be sad about it because my Mommy is coming up to visit. ALONE!! WOOHOO!!! We haven't really spent any time alone in 3 years so I'm really, really looking forward to her visit.

I've been trying to get my momma, who is a fabulous seamstress btw, to join Etsy and start making some cute stuff to sell. Hopefully we'll be able to work on that while she's up here visiting and hopefully she'll do really well and be able to sew full time again soon. I started a blog this morning for her so when she does get her shop up & running, she'll have a place to post pictures and whatnot.

I have so much reading I need to catch up on too. So many blogs I haven't had time to visit lately - I'm going to try very hard to get by those tonight and see what you all have been up to.

Well, I need to unload my purchases from today and start taking some pictures. I hope I'll be back again soon with lots of fun stuff to share! I certainly don't want to wait another month to update so I'm going to force myself to come back here tomorrow & post something, even if I don't really have anything worth talking about!!

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