28 February 2011

The Good, the bad and the ugly. Weekend Edition

Hmm. What a weekend. Let's share some highlights, shall we.

The good: that delish Chinese buffet on Friday night, a tasty sour cream doughnut Saturday morning whilst en-route to a 50% off Estate Sale, finding an entire box of vintage cocktail napkins with adorable Scottie dogs while at the Estate Sale, a wonderful Saturday afternoon with my honey and looking at this amazingly huge rental house, weather warm enough to grill out Saturday night, a good dinner with the honey and my bff, our doggies playing together nicely.

The bad: missing the other estate sale because I was too lazy to drive there and I was kind of ticked off that the pictures they'd posted online had the prices blurred in them. Stupid!

The ugly: waking up yesterday morning after having tossed and turned all night long the night before and going to retrieve some things out of my car before leaving w/ the honey for our day only to find that my damn car had been broken into during the night on Saturday and that my wallet, gps, spare keys, fleece jacket, car charger and cheap costume jewelry ring were taken. OMG!! What a freaking nightmare. Yes, it was stupid to leave the gps in my car, it was stupid to leave my spare keys in my car and it was incredibly stupid to leave my wallet in my car but it's MY CAR and it was in MY DRIVEWAY and people should not be on MY PROPERTY! Ugh. Thankfully, the wallet wasn't my current one so the only thing these thieving fools took were expired cards and carbon copies of checks but still. I'm most worried that they'll come back and try to steal my car (although I have to say that with the cost of gas these days, I'm kind of wanting a different car anyhow!!) so I went out and bought a club to put on the steering wheel. I won't feel safe unless I get the car rekeyed but if I do that, my insurance is going to go up.

And I think this has motivated me to start emptying my car every time I come home -- no more tucking the gps down inside the console. Well, that would be hard to do considering I no longer have a gps but you know what I mean. The good news is that the gps is locked and will be of no use to them if they try to use it. Also, I registered my GPS on the Garmin website when I first got it so at least I had a serial number to give to the cops. I really hope these idiots try to pawn it and that they catch these bastards!!

So, how was your weekend?  Hopefully better than mine. Well, better than my Sunday anyway. I need to get pics of the cute stuff I picked up at the sale on Saturday -- you are going to love these paper napkins!

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