11 February 2011

Time for Tea (with Cream & Sugar!!)

Hey folks. It's Friday, which I'm sure most of you have been waiting for all week long. I love Friday's too but not as much as I did when I was working full time. lol When you're home all week, it just doesn't hold the same appeal. Besides, I've again found myself sick with a sinus infection so that means I'm going to be home all weekend as well so what fun is that, you know. Even if I weren't all clogged up with gunk, I'd probably still stay home since the honey has drill this weekend.

Anyhow, I finally sorted through some of the goodies I bought while my mom was up here. They've been riding around in my car for the last month and a half and although I kept meaning to bring them inside, I'd always forget until the next time I heard them rattling around as I was driving down the road.

While the fam was visiting, we took a trip to PA where I found a new-to-me shop and my mom and I proceeded to spend a good two hours scouring the place and finding all sorts of goodies we couldn't live without. I spotted these beauties from across the room and made a beeline towards them. Honestly, the design is a little too country for me but I liked the crazing on them and when I turned them over and saw the markings, I couldn't just leave them there.

Unfortunately, the little creamer suffered extensive damage last week when the Spawn went outside to change out my flat tire and tossed all of the bags of stuff from the back of my SUV into the backseat. They were wrapped carefully but I guess 70 year old items are going to suffer when thrown around! Thankfully the sugar dish is intact!! Should I sell it??  I don't even know if it's all that collectible seeing how it took me a good 30 minutes of googling just to find out the pattern name (Cinderella bouquet) and that it wasn't fake!

So, moral of the story is to stop being lazy and bring those purchases inside when you get home and not let them hitch a ride in your car for 6 weeks!

I also picked up this sugar & creamer duo while my mom was here. We went to a gigantic thrift store about 40 mins away and I saw these in separate areas of the store. At first, I passed by the kitty on the left because it wasn't in excellent condition and I wasn't entirely sure what it was. Later, as I was going down another aisle, I saw the kitty on the right. I remembered the first cat and practically ran back to the other aisle to see if it was still there. It was and into my cart they went. They've got a few conditional issues, which isn't surprising when you hear the way the merchandise in the back is just thrown around by the workers there, but I love them all the same! And they're blue and pink and have the sweetest little smiles. How come real cats don't come in blue and pink?!?

I've been trying to find the energy to take pictures and list stuff but I'm sick and all I can do is sit here, barely holding myself in an upright position and stare blankly at the computer screen. I need to feel better by Monday because I have a ton of stuff I need to get accomplished!! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh no! I do the same thing and leave things in the trunk and when hubs moves them I cringe!!! You know, our thrift store workers do the very same thing!! AND they mark on things in permanent marker and cannot be removed. Amy, at So Into Vintage, blogged about how they handle things so poorly.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

ps: i love the little cats!!!!

Alyssa said...

Nice Hull set, and I'm sorry to hear about the creamer. Should you sell? I think for me it's always about whether I like it enough to keep it, or if someone else would love it better than I. Those kitties are so cute, btw!