29 August 2008

So, I've ran out of time...

I managed to get to one of the two thrift stores near our hotel yesterday afternoon. It was a HUGE disappointment. It was full of junk and so disorganized that you couldn't even move in there without feeling like stuff was going to come crashing down!

In other news, I seem to have come down with some sort of stomach virus over the last couple of days. I feel so sick! Kind of odd because when I talked with my mom yesterday she told me that she and my sister are both sick with a stomach virus thing. And they're 2500 miles away so it's not likely that I caught it from them over the phone! haha And earlier today my husband started feeling ill too.

Did I mention that I have to leave in the morning? And drive several hundred miles back to Cheyenne? Yeah, I'm not looking forward to that! I mean I *am*, but not while I'm feeling so gross. I'm hoping tomorrow will prove to be a better day though.

And I still need to go load up the car. Yes, tonight, because the husband is leaving at like 4:00 tomorrow morning and well, I'm not and I need his help loading the big bags.

I still have a few things I need to get done tonight--a few more gifts to buy, a few more stores I need to get to, a few more things I need to pack. I am otherwise ready to go. I will miss Jackson but it's quite likely that we'll be back here in December for a couple of weeks, so that makes leaving a little easier.

I am looking forward to seeing my dogs and my family and eventually getting home and decorating for fall. Oh, and getting back to the thrift stores that are actually worth going into. I really miss thrifting and yard saling so I'm *really* looking forward to that!

Well, I should go. I have a lot to do and the daylight is running out! I'll check in soon and hopefully I'll have some new goodies to share!!

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