18 November 2008


So what if it's only flurries and it's not sticking, I'm still counting this as snow! Of course I'd be much happier if it was to stick around for a while, but I'll take what I can get right now! I'm jealous of those in western MD though, some parts got 8" yesterday!! It's cold outside (obviously!) and I'm sitting in my office drinking hot chocolate and listening to the Soulful Christmas music and I'm so in the mood for next month!

I'm not, however, ready for Thanksgiving. At.All. Normally by now I've got a menu planned out, my grocery list all sorted out and my to-do list for the actual day planned out. Not this year. I just do not care at all about the actual meal this year. I guess I'm sort of burned out. I've been doing Turkey Day every year since Will and I got married and it's always a huge production. It's usually me, stuck alone in the kitchen for 12 hours, slaving away while my husband and his brother sit on their behinds and I'm just not doing it this year. You know, I realize my attitude is horrible but I'm so tired of hosting holidays and not having anyone help out. This year, since it's only Will's side of the family visiting, I'm letting him do all the cooking and I'm going to sit on my arse and plan out my Black Friday plan of attack. There's a huge, huge back story but I don't feel like sharing it right now but let's just say that I'm done with being the happy hostess while certain members of the in-laws act like I'm their freaking MAID!! It's not happening this year and if that means we're stuck eating tv dinners, well, so be it!

Whew...thank you for letting me vent. I feel a bit better! Now I'm going to go change into my flannel pj's (yes, I realize it's only 3:45!) and I'm going to go sit on the sofa with my doggies and wait for my husband to get home! Oh, and I'm definitely going to stop in to some of my favorite blogs and check out what you all have been up to!


Thrifty Miss Priss said...

I froze my butt off today because I had to walk really far and was not prepared! and FLURRIES! NO! STAY AWAY! I hate winter!
I don't blame you one bit about Thanksgiving! My husband helps 50/50 and I STILL get resentful of the time it takes! I put on my happy face but I'm beat by the end of the day! And it's only my kids and their significant others and my father in law...not like I have cousins once removed coming!

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, the holidays - they bring out the best in us, don't they? Feeling your pain on the in-law front, and wishing you luck. A little wine hidden in a juice glass really helps. Barbara