22 November 2008

My newfound love for the Value Village!

Yesterday afternoon, I had to run to town and pick up some dry cleaning but had an hour to waste before that so I ran into my most favorite store ever and boy was I pleasantly surprised. See, I only go on Mondays because that's when everything is 25% off, but yesterday I found out that the VV has different specials on other days too! Now, I don't know if this is a blessing or a curse because now I want to go there every.single.day just to see what's on sale! Yesterday all shoes, jewelry and "showcase" items (which is what they call all of the expensive crap they keep behind the counter) were all 50% off. FIFTY percent! Gah!

So, I'm cruising through my favorite sections of the Value Village and picking up some cute stuff when something told me to go check out the coats. Oh my good Lord. I nearly fainted! There, standing mere inches from me was a faaabulous Persian Lamb coat. In damn near perfect condition. With a beautiful satin liner with monogrammed initials. I picked up the coat and put it in my cart and a lady came over and started talking about how beautiful it was and how she'd just looked at it and then she had the nerve to reach in my cart and pick it up to show her daughter! I seriously thought I might have to throw down right inside the Value Village if that lady tried to walk away with my coat! Luckily she had the good sense to put it back in my cart and I rushed off to pay for all of my goodies! Unfortunately, the coat is like a size small and well, I'm a bit bigger than that so I won't be able to wear it. But, I'm thinking I'll sell it because it's too fabulous to just have hanging around. Some lucky lady is going to look gorgeous wearing that thing!

In other news, the husband had to work again today which makes the third Saturday this month and quite frankly, his job is starting to annoy the crap outta me! I know it's his job but I'm staring to wish that Mr. Dick Cheney would stay home a couple of weekends a month! But, since the husband was gone I was free to do whatever I wanted today and that included a trip to Ikea and a couple of thrift stores. Man, the economy is definitely in the toilet! It's been slim pickings at the thrift stores lately. Well, compared to a year ago anyhow. I remember when I first started going to the Value Village down near Will's work. There would be so many things to buy that I had to decide what I really, really wanted and leave the rest. I'm not having that problem anymore! I left both thrift stores empty handed today and that's not good! Maybe Monday at the Value Village will be better. I think I'm done with the Ghetto Thrift for a while. The quality of their stuff has gone down and I just don't feel very safe going in that neighborhood.


phylliso said...

I just found your blog thru Becky of yellow jacket ridge angora goat ranch.
I was shopping at our local goodwill store last week for Christmas outfits for the grandchildren.I found nad na,nothing.I did drop off some clothes & they told me as they took them that they are really hurting for clothes.I spent the weekend cleaning out my closets to donate.I did find some clothes for my almost 2 year old granddaughter at the thrift shop but I`m thinking of getting my patterns out & sewing her up some things,if only I could be 2 people,or have 6 hands,phylliso

Aleta said...

I love your blog! Your coat sounds nice! Discount stores are fun to shop at. Before we moved here I used to shop in them a good bit. Now we live so far from everything here in TN that I don't get to shop that much. Going to town is a 45-mile journey. Where is Charm City, Maryland? We lived in Germantown, MD, (near Rockville) before moving here.