30 November 2008

Wheee!! Another weekend alone.

Hello all my favorite vintage-y peeps. I hope you all had a fabulous Turkey Day and a relaxing weekend too. I have been insanely busy this last week and have seriously neglected the ol blog. I haven't even found time to go read my favorite blogs which is a shame. I'm going to attempt to play the catch-up game tonight though!!

Last week was way more fabulous than I anticipated, which was a welcome surprise because I was really dreading the holiday. For starters, on Monday I was taking measurements of that fabulous Persian Lamb coat I told you all about in my last post and I thought "what the heck...I should try this on so I can have a better guess as to the size". And I totally expected it to not fit and to be tight but at least then I could guesstimate right? Imagine the shock I had when I tried it on and it fits perfectly. Like a glove. Like it was custom made for moi!! It was seriously like Christmas morning. lol So, now that it fits I'm definitely NOT selling. So much for making a sweet little profit off of that but hey, it fits and I love it!

Not only was the whole coat thing exciting, but Thanksgiving was great too!! I spent some time on Wednesday night prepping a few things and making a deelish pumpkin cheesecake and hanging out with my bestest girlfriend Andrea. She spent the night here at my house even though she lives like 15 minutes away and we had tons of fun cooking and acting like fools. I've known her since we were 16 and we've been extremely lucky to always end up living in the same area. We started out living in the same neighborhood when we were younger, she moved to Charleston to go to school, I moved to Charleston a year or two later when I got married. She got engaged in 2006 and was having to move to Maryland to where her future husband lived and then 2 months after she got engaged and found out she was moving here, my husband got orders to Maryland and we moved up here 6 months later! Damn, typing it out like that makes me seem like a big huge stalker, but I promise that is not the case at all. lol It's purely coincidence that we've ended up living close to each other. Heck, for a year Will and I tried to get orders to Illinois and then Alaska!!

So, Wednesday night Will's brother and his roommate came into town too and we all stayed up way too late and imbibed a bit too much and I was regretting that the following morning. Will and I got up at a reasonable time though and made some fantastic canned cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Nothing cures a hangover like some Pillsbury Cinnabon cinnamon rolls, lemme tell ya! Well rolls and about 3 pots of coffee! We started our lunch appetizers soon afterward and I even managed to sneak in an hour and a half long nap that afternoon. Dinner was served around 6 and it was fabulous. We always deep fry our turkey and it was so delicious. I also made mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with a praline topping, a baked cream corn casserole and cranberries. We had rolls and gravy too and it was so freaking good. Man, why don't we cook like that more often?? Once a year is just not enough. I'm going to try to make a big ol dinner like that once a month I think.

Will and I had plans to get up very early on Friday to go shopping but the later we stayed up Thursday night, the more I realized I was not getting up at 0300 this year like I did last year. Instead, we set the alarm to go off at 0515 but when I woke up at 0500, I turned the alarm off and Will and I slept in until 9:30! It was great and I really needed that extra sleep. We managed to hit up a few stores before 1:00 that afternoon and we came home so he could watch WVU, although since they lost, I'm thinking we should've kept shopping! Andrea and I headed back to town that afternoon though and I bought a few more things.

And then yesterday Will and I along with his brother and roommate headed into the District. His brother's roommate is from Colorado and had never been to DC before so he wanted to go see the monuments and whatnot. I wanted to go check out the newly reopened Museum of American History but shortly after walking into that place I realized there was NO WAY I could enjoy being there. It was like a freaking ZOO. Too crowded to see anything so Will and I decided to bounce and we walked around a bit before stopping into the official White House Visitor Center. That was pretty boring. Soon it was time to meet back up with the other kiddos and head back to the train so we could get home. We had a fish fry last night for dinner and it was almost as good as when my daddy cooks it. Almost.

Will had to leave again today, which is pretty much par for the course this month, seeing how this is his 4th weekend he's had to fly somewhere. And of course the weather is complete crap today...pouring rain and cold but not cold enough for snow. Just cold enough to keep you miserable and not wanting to leave the house. Which is why I stayed home, in bed, for the entire afternoon, in my brand new Sock Monkey Footie Pajamas I bought at Target on Black Friday. Check these bad boys out: SOCK MONKEY FOOTIE PJS LOVE! Cozy and comfortable and who can resist sock monkeys? I can't, which explains why I own like 4 pair of sock monkey pj's and a pair of sock monkey slippers!

Now I'm sitting here waiting for the husband to give me a call and let me know he's made it to Arkansas safely and then I have to drag myself downstairs and decide on something for dinner and then I have to go package up 3 things from my Etsy shop that I need to get mailed off first thing tomorrow morning. I should probably take some pictures too and list some of my other stuff on there. We'll see how much I can get done tonight before the bed starts calling my name again! I'm not feeling overly optimistic about any of it at this point though!! I must get a good night's rest because tomorrow is 25% off day at the VV and I have to go check it out, ya know?

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