31 August 2011

Glitter War

One of my good friends on Etsy, Flirtdeux, challenged a group of us regulars to try out her new creations - miniature houses, reminiscent of the old Putz houses that everyone loves so much. She graciously sent me and the other participants 3 stamped houses, which we had to cut out, assemble and then decorate, two of which were to be part of the Glitter War house decorating competition and one which was our 'practice house'. 

My other Etsy friend, Fyrecreek, did a Halloween House the other night and posted pictures and it was so adorable, that I had to steal her idea and put my own spin on it. I painted the house a rusty orange color and then glittered it with orange glitter, the roof was painted purple and then flocked with matching purple flocking and then I decided that wasn't quite enough so I went back and put darker purple polka dots on top. 

The trim was painted black and then I used black embossing powder on top of it. The chimney was painted green and flocked in darker green.I cut out a couple of windows and used pieces of yellow acetate in the spots which will glow a nice golden color when lit up. I found itty bitty bats in my old scrapbooking supplies and stuck one in a window!! It's a work in progress but I think it's pretty cute so far!!


The houses are itty bitty - measuring about 2.5" tall and super fun to decorate!! I can't wait to get started on my Christmas houses - they are going to be pink and aqua and kitschy and perfect!! Next time, I'll remember to paint the underneath side of the roof so that you can't see the beige color from the paper. I didn't realize I'd forgotten to paint it until I took the pictures. Oops!!

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JudyBug said...

Just too cute! You just can't have enough glitter!