27 August 2011

A Hurricane Party of Sorts

So, like many people here in the Mid Atlantic, we're eagerly awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Irene. We've got batteries, flashlights, duct tape, plastic sheeting, gallons of water and enough junk food provisions to last at least 3 days. I grew up in SC and have weathered my share of tropical weather so this storm doesn't really worry me too much, aside from the prospect of going days without power (thus, no hot water!).

The balcony has been cleared of all possible projectiles, the car has been emptied of any valuables that would be ruined in case of a downed tree. 

I ran out last night for last minute items and Wal-mart was wiped clean of all all soup, canned goods, water, chips, and oddly enough, bananas. We were wise enough to get our supplies on Thursday, but that wasn't without having to go to multiple stores. It took trips to 4 different stores to find gallons of water, 2 stores to find D cell batteries. 

So, instead of hitting any estate sales this weekend, I'm hunkering down with the honey and the puppies and in the event that I do have to venture outside, I bought some black and white houndstooth wellies at Target the other day, so at least while I trudge through 6" of rain water, my feet will be dry!! 

In lieu of an actual hurricane party, I invite you to celebrate Mother Nature with me by enjoying 20% off of all items in my shop my entering the coupon code "irene20" at check-out! There's the possibility that we may lose power for a while. In the event that we don't have electricity, shipping will resume as soon as the power returns.

Here's a picture of the outer bands on the storm rolling in: 

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Susan Stevenson said...

Be safe and stay dry!! I hope the storm passes quickly and easily.