30 September 2008

I *heart* Value Village

So, I *did* make it over to the Value Village yesterday morning and spent 2 (yes, TWO) hours in there picking up all sorts of goodies! I'm proud to say that I spent $12 and some change and came home with a bag full of stuff. Plus something that wouldn't fit it a bag, which may be my new favorite item ever found thrifting!

And, I remembered to get my battery charger outta my husband's truck so I could charge the batteries for my camera and I'm proud to say that I have new pictures to share. It's been a very long time since I've shared any, so I'm happy that I can do that today!

First up, some of my fabulous finds from the other week.

These are the cute little Exxon/Esso Tiger napkins and coasters. Aren't they cute?

vintage esso exxon tiger napkins

And here's the box of vintage Christmas Ornaments I scored at the Goodwill a couple of weeks back. Sorry for the blurry picture. I'm too lazy to retake it.


And the fabulous punch bowl, with 12 cups and hooks and ladle. For $2.50! Did I mention this thing weighs like 15 pounds? Yeah, it's heavy!

vintage punch bowl

And the vintage chopper thingamajig and a vintage juice pitcher. Look! That apron in the background is the one I won over at Confessions of an Apron Queen. Be sure to check out her blog!!

vintage chopper, vintage juice pitcher

And finally, here are my purchases from yesterday.

Here's a cute box of hot pink ornaments. I'm guessing they are vintage because the graphics on the box don't really look like anything currently on the market but who knows. I just like the color of the ornaments so into my shopping cart they went!

vintage pink christmas ornaments

And a bag full of vintage Shiny Brite ornaments. I especially like the ones that are see-thru. A bag of Shiny Brites only set me back 45 cents. Score!

vintage shiny brite ornaments

Look at this cute little paper Santa. I have no idea what his original purpose was. He was it a little plastic bag with other misc. stuff like those paper bell things. Only they weren't bell shaped so I have no idea what they are supposed to be either. But Santa was inside with that and for a quarter, I figured he could come home with me too.

vintage paper santa hallmark

Here is one of two aprons I picked up yesterday. This one needs a good soaking to remove some spots but otherwise, it's in good condition. You can't see it in the picture, but the top of the apron says "Portugal" on it.

vintage pink apron

And here is the second apron. A cute, pink gingham apron. I just love gingham aprons. I think they are my favorite! It needs a good soak too but it's in good condition otherwise!

pink gingham apron

And last but not least, my favorite find in quite a while. Check out this vintage, chrome canister set. It has holes on the back for it to be mounted on a wall. And it's in pretty good condition too! It needs a good cleaning and I'm sure the chrome will shine right up. I love it!

vintage wall-mounted canisters chrome

I also picked up two more souvenir plates to add to my collection but the pictures turned out blurry. Maybe when Will finally gets my plates put up on the wall, I can take a picture to share. That's something else I can add to the honey-do list for this weekend!!

Thanks for checking out my newest finds!


Anonymous said...

That's a great canister set. I remember one from when I was a kid - can't remember whose it was, but I thought it was just the coolest thing and wondered why we didn't have canisters that were so sleek and modern!

Shara said...

Great finds. Love the look of your blog! Looks great. I've been meaning to ask you since your trip - where did you stay in Arkansas? It sounded like you might have been in my area when you wrote about it and I was just curious.

roseylittlethings said...

Wow, you hit the jack pot! i love it all! I love the pink aprons and vintage ornaments.