29 September 2008

Saturday. It Sucked!!

I remember when Will and I used to spend rainy, stormy weekends cuddled up in bed, listening to the thunder and dozing in and out of slumber. Ah, fond memories those are. Because we cannot do that any longer. Oh, sure, we still *want* to do that, but our lovely house has some issues. Like the basement which leaks in about 50 different spots. I wish I were exaggerating.

Saturday morning we were up at 7:00 to check on the basement. Earlier this summer, we noticed a major leak during a storm. As in, a pencil sized hole in the wall and water pouring in like a waterfall. So, we knew the basement leaked, we just didn't realize to what extent. Uh, yeah, we have some major issues down there, which we discovered as we spent the entire freaking day moving stuff out of the basement, and sucking up water with the shop vac.

The man we bought the house from only owned the place for 2.5 months. He bought it in January, fixed it up and then sold it to us in April. Evidently the people he bought the house from failed to disclose the fact that the basement had major leaks and I doubt the man we bought it from knew because it doesn't rain a lot during the winter so there's no way he could've known. Also, the people he bought it from had started to finish out the basement and there are 2 walls with studs and drywall. Guess where the majority of the water was coming from? Uh huh. I told Will to break the drywall so we could see behind it and sure enough, water was pouring in through several areas.

Our area easily saw 5+ inches of rain on Saturday alone. That's not counting the rain on Thursday afternoon/night and then most of the day on Friday. The ground was just so saturated that water was even seeping up through the cracks in the basement floor.

Needless to say, Will and I were both in extremely pissy moods Saturday. It was such a mess down there. I mean we probably sucked up several hundred gallons of water. Just as soon as we'd empty the 16 gallon shop vac, we'd fill it right back up. And the stairs going down into the basement are kind of shoddy, the treads aren't very wide and I just knew I was going to fall and break something as I tried to walk up/down the tiny stairs carrying a ton of crap and wearing wet sneakers.

Thank the GOOD Lord that the rain stopped yesterday though because I.was.done! I could barely walk yesterday. My legs were so sore from walking up and down stairs and carrying all that stuff. My back hurt from being all hunched over vacuuming the basement for like 8 hours. And mentally, I was just exhausted. I suppose if any good came out of this whole fiasco, the basement is finally empty and now Will can get to work on plugging any holes and then start finishing it off the way he wants.

So, in other news, today is 25% off day at the Value Village thrift. I skipped last Monday because I just didn't feel like dealing with the crowds but I'm going to go today. It's been over a week since I did any thrifting so I need to go get my fix. I also need to make some stops in the craft store, the grocery store and TJ Maxx or Marshall's. I also need to remember to get my battery charger for my camera out of the husbands truck so I can recharge the batteries and finally take some pictures of all of my new goodies.

Those are my plans for today. Well, that and trying to catch up on the 400+ items I need to read on Google Reader. Yeah, I'm a little behind on that!

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Emily said...

It definitely does not sound like a fun Saturday for you! We have a little leak in our laundry room too, and are in the process of getting it fixed. It's not fun!

Can't wait to see the photos of your finds - and I hope you have a better day today! :)