31 October 2008

Happy Halloween!


Last night while Will and I were out on the porch hanging up our spider webs, we noticed the neighbor across the street dragging out even MORE of his Halloween stuff and we decided that I needed to do a little more shopping today and buy a few more things. LOL I feel a little friendly competition beginning between our houses. I can't wait to see what Christmas is like.

So, today, instead of going to Home Depot and buying paint, I'll be schlepping across the Baltimore metro region looking for more spider webs, some strobe lights, more tombstones, a couple of spotlights and then costumes for the two of us. Nothing like last minute preparations, huh? Oh, and I still need to go buy candy and fill up the treat bags.

Last year I filled almost 100 little treat bags and we sat at the house for the entire night and we didn't have even ONE trick-or-treater come by. Talk about disappointing! It was our first (and only) year in that house/neighborhood and we just assumed we'd get some kids. Hahaha I finally threw away all of that candy when we moved back in April. I've seen several houses on our new street that have decorated for Halloween though so I'm guessing we might get a few trick-or-treaters tonight. But, if we don't, it'll be okay because I'm buying all chocolate and well, I wouldn't complain if we had leftovers and I were forced to eat them!

And lest you think I sat around all day yesterday scheming up ways to out do the neighbors decorations, allow me to provide proof to the contrary:

empty craft rooom

empty craft room

That's right, folks. I emptied my craft room (minus the big furniture) yesterday and everything is now sitting in the middle of the dining room. Yeah, that's lovely! I absolutely HAVE TO paint tomorrow so I can get my stuff put back in here ASAP because all of my crap in the dining room is just not working! The husband offered to help me by putting everything in boxes & trash bags. lol Think he's trying to tell me something?!

Well, I should go get dressed and start running my errands so I can get back here early enough to decorate, fill up the treat bags and dress up! Hope you all have a frightfully fun Halloween, be safe tonight!

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Lisa B. said...

I can see you've been awfully busy! Take a break to stop by and see what you've won!! Then send me an email with your address so I can get it sent off to you:) Congrats!