06 October 2008

Slim pickings at the Value Village

So, I didn't find too many goodies at the VV today, but what I did find was a total steal. I still cannot believe my luck! Take a look at what I found:

hudson bay blanket

That's right. An authentic old Hudson Bay Point Blanket, in good condition and it doesn't smell funky like a lot of old blankets do! I immediately look for tags on old blankets and when I saw that this blanket was a REAL one and not a fake, I had to snatch this up. Do you think $7.50 was a good deal?? After checking Ebay and seeing how much these have sold for, I think it was a steal!! Here's the tag from the blanket.

hudson bay blanket

So, that blanket and a couple of other small things were the only items I bought today at the VV. Will is gone again for the day so he won't be flying back into DC until late tonight so that means I can go to the Ghetto Thrift here in a little while! Maybe I'll have good luck there too!


Emily said...

I love the new look of your page by the way! What a great find! And what a great deal you got on it! That's awesome! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful Fall!

Shara said...

Fantastic deal. I got one at my thrift for $8.00 and that was a good deal. If you are going to keep it or sell it - research it a bit. The ones made in Canada are worth more and the number of black lines indicates it's trade value. As in trading for beaver pelts and such to the Native Americans. I was thrilled to find mine as we are Cherokee and has a lot of history.

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

GREAT find! I also LOVE the vintage ornaments you have posted! So pretty!!!