28 October 2008

Monday's Finds at the Value Village

Well, nothing helps cure those post-vacation blues quite like a 2.5 hour trip to the fabulous thrift store! Luckily, I got there early today so it wasn't quite as packed as it was last week and I was able to get down a couple of the more busy aisles before the crowds got there. I swear, sometimes I will stand in that store and wonder if people are really *that* obtuse. I mean if your cart is in the middle of an already narrow aisle and you see someone else walking down said aisle and coming towards you, don't you have the good sense (and/or manners) to try and pull your cart as close to the racks as possible??? Yeah, most people up here don't. I don't get it at all. So, it was nice to get most of my shopping/looking around done before the rude people got there!

I think I may have spent more there today than I ever have, but I bought a bunch of cute little things. I picked up a bag full of old Boys Town Christmas stamps/seals from the 50s, a baggie full of German ornaments, 4 pillowcases, a twin sized flat sheet, a couple of books and a huge Gund bear that still has tags on it and must've been a collectible type of thing from 2000. I dunno if I'm going to resell it or maybe strip his ugly clothes off and just keep him. The bear is about 30" tall and just so cute so he might be staying even though I don't really even like bears!

Yesterday I decided it was time to start trying to sell some of my stuff on Etsy. It's all vintage stuff right now, but I may at one point decide to actually make things too. I need to list more things today and start going through some of my stuff and putting aside things I know I can live without. See, that's my problem. I always go into the thrift store and find such good things I just know would sell online but then I have a hard time parting with them! I'm hoping all of that is about to change though. lol And I also signed up for Twitter yesterday too. I am so lost! I'm guessing I'll get the hang of it soon though. Seems easy enough to figure out.

Today I need to go pick up coffee creamer and a pumpkin carving kit for the husband and I'm going to try to make it to the Ghetto Thrift too if I have time. What I *really* need to do is stay right here at home, box up my entire craft/scrap/office room and clear it out so I can paint this weekend. But, seeing how I haven't decided on paint yet, cleaning all of this stuff out doesn't make much sense. I swear I tried to settle on a green shade yesterday but none of the swatches I have seem like the right color. I have a lot of red and green accents in this room so I can't find a color I really like. Maybe I'll just stick with white walls! Ugh!! I am so indecisive...it drives me NUTS!

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Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

I had a lot to catch up with you, since I have been away for a couple of weeks! :) Hope you are feeling better! I've had some of those "not so great" vacations, too! How disappointing! Love your fall decorations on your porch! They are so inviting and pretty! I went to Lowe's yesterday and got some really pretty baskets of pansies marked down to $3!!! And the pumpkins were half~priced! WOOHOOO!!! I love a bargain! :) ~Rhonda