27 March 2009

Early to Bed (sort of) and (hopefully) Early to Rise

Today was packed full of activities and I am beat! Like I said in another entry, I don't usually sleep well while Will is gone and last night was no exception. Will was going to call when they landed in Chile so I was trying to stay awake but eventually fell asleep around 0100. He did finally call at 0400 and then his stupid alarm clock went off at 0700. So, my sleep last night wasn't very restful.

Today I had to run to Target and Wal-mart and then I had to stand in line at the post office for almost 20 minutes. God, I hate that place. I really need to find another post office around here because that place stresses me out. Parking is a joke, the lines are always out the door and the employees are so rude!

After running those errands, I came home for a bit and then had to run *back* to the post office and then I did some thrifting at the VV even though they weren't having any sales today. I found some great things for my shop and a couple of dress shirts for Will. I freaking LOVE thrift stores. I know you all know that. And I know you all probably feel the same way but can I tell you how happy I am when I find fabulous deals?!? Like yesterday & today I found Brooks Brothers dress shirts for Will for like 2.00 each. I mean who, WHO would pay $80 or $90 for a dress shirt? Uh, not me. Not ever. Not even if we won the Mega Millions lottery. But, for $2, heck yeah I'll buy Brooks Brothers! And furthermore, I found two brand new with tags Lands End bathing suits! For $4.00 each. Once again, I would never pay $100 for a swimsuit but I'll definitely pay $4 for a brand new one! Yay! I never really thought I'd buy a swimsuit at a thrift store but the tags mean it's still new right? Right?!? They'll get a soak in some color safe bleach just to be sure!

So, I'm in bed at 10:00 and hopefully I'll rest well tonight. I found an Estate Sale that I want to try to go to tomorrow. It's about 50 miles from here but the description sounds promising. It's raining right now though so if it's still raining tomorrow I doubt I'll go. And then Sunday I may go into the District and do some sightseeing. The Cherry Blossom Festival kicked off today so I'm sure it'll be ridiculously crowded but at least I'll have some social interaction with someone other than the dogs!

Okay, I am going to try to find something to watch on HGTV that will put me to sleep until I get another middle of the night wake-up call from Will! I hope you all have a great weekend!

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