02 March 2009

Snow Day!

As I'm sure everyone knows by now, the East Coast got hammered with a big ol snowstorm last night and today. Luckily, Will had a snow day today and didn't have to drive the 80-ish miles to and from base. Unfortunately, I missed the 25% off day at the Value Village!! There are a couple of stores I'll run to tomorrow though!

Here's a couple of pictures of our puppies playing in the snow. Please ignore the fact that their coats and snow boots don't match!

Scarlett, our Schnoodle in her snazzy purple coat with pink boots:


And Marty, our Briard, in his handsome green coat with blue boots!


They are both sporting their summer cuts a few months early this year. We normally cut their hair around May or June but they were looking a little too scruffy and I shaved them down last week.

They love sitting here on the sofa looking out the window. Today they were watching the snow. Usually they watch for the Boxer across the street or the neighbors or a stray cat. Or squirrels, which are Scarlett's absolute favorite!


Well, the Bachelor is on so I need to go watch this train-wreck! I don't know why I keep watching this crap every season! Mindless television. I have a million other things I could/should be doing but I cannot turn the tv off...it's like an addiction!


kana said...

Loving those dog boots!! So stylish.

Emily said...

We heard about the snow storm! At least Spring snow storms don't last too long. Hope you are enjoying a beautiful day today!

My Maine Cottage said...

We were burried in the storm as well! Just aweful! Your pups look so cute with their little boots & jackets :-)

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Your dogs are too precious in their winter gear! Love the "boots"! :) We had a few snow flurries Monday, third snow of this year! No snow since 2002, I believe, and now 3 in one year! LOL! Hope you are getting some of our pretty weather we are expecting, up your way this weekend! I can't wait! The flea market should be packed Saturday! WOOHOO! :) ~hugs, Rhonda