28 March 2009

Realizations (& other important lessons) from Today

Number 1: Estate Sales are never worth my time. Especially when they are 50+ miles (one-way) from my house.

Number 2: That despite #1, I usually find a new-to-me thrift store along the way.

Number 3: Being home alone almost every weekend sucks. Such is the life of a military spouse, I suppose.

Number 4: Being able to come and go whenever I want without having to consider anyone else is fabulous.

Number 5: That #3 has some bonuses, like getting me that handy 25% off discount at the new thrift store.

Number 6: I should listen to my gut more often. Like on the way home from VA when I really wanted to go catch the train into the city but decided I'd come home instead. I really wish I would've gone now.

Number 7: That sometimes it's best to breathe deeply and have a beer instead of calling all of the people that are pissing you off and telling them to go pound sand.

Number 8: That I am going to start making myself less available to certain people. Don't freaking call me only when it's convenient for yourself. Don't tell me you're going to do one thing and then repeatedly let me down. Actually, I should probably tell myself to stop believing anything you say because time & time again you've proven yourself to be nothing more than a self centered b-word. Furthermore, don't pretend like you are too busy to answer my text messages when I know you always read the ones your boyfriend sends. At least have the freaking decency to call/text and tell me you've changed your mind about coming over. God, you get on my last freaking nerve.

Number 9: That if I were (God forbid) seriously injured or laying dead in a ditch somewhere that it would be days before anyone knew. See numbers 3, 7 & 8.

Number 10: That if I had stayed in that crap hole of a town I lived in growing up, had married some local jackass, mooched off of my parents and generally didn't have the gumption to be a grown up, that perhaps my family would still consider me important. I'm damn glad nothing bad has happened to me (yet) because it's impossible to get a hold of anyone. Ever.

Number 11: That it costs $6 a minute to call Baltimore from Chile, but only .24/minute to call Chile from Baltimore. Also, it only costs .08/minute to call Europe but .25+/minute to call South America. How's that possible?

Number 12: That if I lived alone I'd never cook a real meal. I'm perfectly content skipping real meals and having popcorn and Wheat Thins for dinner instead.

Aren't you glad I was enlightened today? I think I'm going to take a bubble bath and try to unwind. See #'s 7, 8, 9 and 10. Ugh! It's just one of those days!!


Aleta said...

Oh, mercy me! I hope you're having a better day today than yesterday! Some of your realizations made me chuckle and some I could definitely identify with!
Relax and read a good book, browse your magazines, or maybe take a walk -- that sometimes helps!

Vintagesquirrel said...

Oh, i must say i think you're cool. I can relate to a lot of you points, and think that we jut may be related. lol. Oh, And I love vintage and thrift shopping - never tried estate sales. Wish i lived closer to you as my hubby works most weekends. I think we'd have a lot of fun thrifting (and bitching) together.

Sonya said...

Every one has those kinds of days...blah.