10 March 2009

Moon Pies (and Other Things I Love)

The thrift stores were a total bust today so to take my mind off of how crappy they've been lately, I'm going to fill this post with pictures of things I love.

Moon Pies. Growing up there were always Moon Pies in our house. I remember my daddy eating a Moon Pie just about every night. I bought a box of them last week at the commissary and I'm ashamed to say the box is half gone already. Ever tried them warm? Deelish!


Cherry Diet 7Up. I have no idea how long this has been on the market but it's new to me and I am addicted. Like I can easily consume a 2-liter a day addicted. And I'm not one to drink a lot of soda. This stuff is like crack though!


My Briard. Marty has been the bestest doggy in the whole world. We adopted him in May of 2003 and he's been my constant companion ever since. He's been there through lots of happiness and lots of tears. He's my guard doggy and I love him so very much. I think we have a telepathic thing going on because he just got up off of his doggy bed and came over and jumped in the bed beside me!


My Schnoodle. We adopted Scarlett in August of 2004 because we thought Marty would like a friend. They don't really play together often but I know they enjoy keeping each other company. She's such a diva! She simply must get her cuddle time in bed with me and Will every night. She climbs in the bed, lays in the middle of us and usually falls asleep while we rub her belly. She cracks me up the way she sits on the back of the sofa and looks out the window. She's the perfect guard dog though...she's got a huge bark for being such a medium sized doggy. I'm so glad we adopted her too. She's a perfect fit!


Flamingos. I have no idea why I love flamingos so much. Maybe because they are pink-ish. lol I really don't know why but I love them. A lot. I'd like to have a whole flock of them in my backyard. I took this picture at the zoo in DC the other year. It's one of my favorites!


University of Florida football. Growing up in SC, college football is almost a religion! Most people from SC like one of two teams: Clemson or Carolina. I strayed somewhere along the way because I've been a huge, huge Gators fan for as long as I can remember. I'm counting down the months until it's football season again.


The Cherry Blossom Festival in DC. I think the warmer weather this weekend really got me in the mood for Spring. Last year, Will and I went into the District during the Cherry Blossom Festival and it was so beautiful. I'm hoping we get to go back this year too. Here's a picture from last year. Isn't it gorgeous? That's the Jefferson Memorial in the background.


Country Living Magazine. With all of the magazines that have folded recently, I'm quite happy that Country Living is still around. I have subscribed to this magazine for years and I'd be heartbroken if they ever decided to stop publishing. I look forward to the new issues every month and much to my husband's dismay, I keep every single copy. I mean how could I possibly throw away a magazine with such great information in it?? I read them over and over and look at the pictures for inspiration constantly! It's definitely my favorite magazine ever!


Leonidas Chocolates. Back in 2003 while Will and I were still engaged he had to take a two week trip through Europe. One of his stops included Belgium and he brought me back a huge box of Leonidas Chocolates. Up until that moment my favorite chocolate had always been Godiva. Ha. Needless to say, I was very quickly converted to Leonidas. It's the best chocolate I've ever tasted. Ever. And I've tasted a lot of chocolate. So, since that moment in 2003, it's been mandatory that whenever Will is in Belgium, he simply must find a Leonidas store and bring a box of chocolate back. Did I mention that Will is currently IN BELGIUM? He'll be home tomorrow and he damn well better come bearing a Leonidas box. lol


And finally, I was looking through some old pictures on the computer today and I came across this one. It's from our wedding and it's probably my all time favorite. It just shows how relieved I was. I was so nervous leading up to the actual ceremony. I was so stressed out, it was hotter than hell outside that day, I had so many last minute things to do that day. This picture just shows how happy I was that all of the planning was finally over and we could just get on with our lives. You can't really see Will in this picture but I just love when he gets all dressed up in his Mess Dress. He's so handsome!


Whew! That's only a small portion of things I love. I didn't write about my love for fried okra, convertible mustangs, miniature donkeys, good beer or good ol Carolina Beach Music. Hmm, those may be topics I write about tomorrow!! What are some of your favorite things?

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My Maine Cottage said...

I L-O-V-E country living magazine too, in fact I just got the new edition in the mail yesterday. Yipee!!!

I've never had a moon pie? Is that like a whoppie pie?