04 July 2008

Happy Birthday America!


Well, I saw the husband off this morning as he left the house at 4:30, which I might add is entirely too early to be waking up, but he had to be on base around 5:30. So, I got up and saw him off and then managed to drop an expandable baton on my big toe as I was gathering my stuff to head back upstairs to bed. When the husband is gone, I like to keep my purse, keys, cell & house phone and one of his military issued expandable batons by my bed. I know that sounds crazy but I've probably watched one too many episodes of CSI and now I get all freaked out at night while he's away.

So, back to dropping a pound and a half of steel on my toe. That hurt like a you-know-what! And there I was, about to black out from the pain, at 4:30 in the morning. The husband was trying his best to not laugh at me but I guess it was sort of funny. I hobbled back upstairs with an ice pack and the dogs and I went back to sleep for a couple of hours. My toe is a lovely shade of blue now!

The Husband is gone until Monday and as usual, he's gone over a holiday weekend. He was gone for Memorial Day weekend too and will probably be gone at Christmas/New Years and maybe Thanksgiving too. It all depends on where the Vice President decides to spend his holidays. It's kind of lonely being home all alone in a city where I really know no-one but I've somehow managed to get through five years of this lifestyle so far. I really do like our little military life we're living but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't counting down the years to retirement. Of course I'm sure when he retires and is home all the freaking time I'm going to be wishing he'd go somewhere for a few days!

This is our first year here in our new house and I'm going to go into Baltimore later today and check out the festivities. There are some bands playing near the Inner Harbor and then the Naval Academy band will play right before the fireworks at 9:30. That's if the weather will hold out. Last year the husband and I went into Annapolis for their fireworks. It rained that evening but they still managed to get in the fireworks. I'm kind of nervous about going into Baltimore alone but there should be a lot of people which will make me feel safer. And I'm heading down there around 2:30 this afternoon so at least it'll still be daylight so I can see where I'm going! I had thought about going to watch the Oriole's game first and then heading over to see the fireworks but then I read that there was a band playing Motown music from 3-5:30 and I'd rather listen to that than watch baseball.

What are you all doing today? I hope everyone has a safe & happy July 4th, please don't drink & drive!!


Shara said...

My husband goes to work at 1:30 am. If I am asleep when he leaves, I am fine. But, if I am awake when he leaves, I am all freaked out about being "alone." Truth is, he sleeps like a dead guy and if anyone came in the house, he wouldn't hear them anyway.

Sorry about your toe!

Vintage Whimsy said...

Yeah, it takes a couple of nights for me to get used to him being gone again so the first night or two I cannot sleep for anything!! Every little noise will wake me up.

Aside from the huge bruise, my toe doesn't feel too bad today!! It looks kind of ugly though!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Bless your heart! Hope your toe is doing much better and that you were able to enjoy the festivities! I don't like when my husband is out of town either! But I do thank you for your husband's service to our country! :) Hugs, Rhonda