23 July 2008

My crafty afternoon!!

Well, instead of doing any of the number of important things on my list, I sat right here in my office and made these:


Cute little luggage tags for my new bags! Now, I realize the pinks don't match the bags but that's okay with me. I wouldn't want it to match too closely because then it would be too hard to see them. It didn't take too long to make these once I picked out the paper. The colors look a lot better in person too but I couldn't get a very good picture of them.

I used Chipboard Mat Stacks as the main piece since it's good and sturdy.


I cut one piece in half to make two tags. They are 3.25" x 4.5" which is a good size I think.


For the third tag I used another piece of Chipboard from the Basic Grey [un]Dressed line. It's smaller than the tags above but I think it'll fit better on the smallest of the 3 pieces of luggage.


Next, I chose some papers I thought would match well with the chipboard mat stacks. I looked through all of my 12 x 12 paper and couldn't find anything I really loved so then I moved on to my 6 x 6 paper. I found some in one of these little stacks:


Not that exact stack, but another one which I forgot to take a picture of! Here are the papers I chose:


I cut those papers to the sizes I needed and then used my ATG gun to attach the patterned paper to the chipboard. Here's my ATG gun. Don't look too closely or you'll see dust. It's so dusty because I have been in a crafting slump for oh, about 6 months now!!



I didn't have to use the ATG to attach the paper to the smallest tag because those pieces of chipboard have adhesive on one side already, which worked fabulously because it would've been a complete pain in the you-know-where to try to use the ATG to run tape all around those weird little shapes! I had to paint the back of the smallest tag because it was just plain chipboard. I used a pretty coral color that matches some of the flowers in the paper on the front.


Next, I flipped through all of my little clear stamps I've purchased over the last year and picked out a couple that would work well for the back of the luggage tags. I stamped the back with white ink and then used a black Zig pen to write in my info.



While the ink was drying on the back, I found a piece of paper that would match the front of the tags and then used my Cricut to cut out letter L's in different sizes and some brackets too. Yes, I'm using my Cricut on the floor. Why? Because my table is so full of crap I didn't have room to put it up there! I'm gonna work on this organizing thing again soon so I'll have room for it on the table!!



I then used ModPodge to attach the L's and brackets onto the front of the tags. After the letters were attached I used a spray sealer and sprayed the front and back of each tag. I was going to use modpodge again but for some reason that stuff always leaves things feeling tacky so I decided to use the spray. After that dried, I punched holes in the tags & attached some ribbon, leaving enough ribbon on the ends to tie onto my bags.

Ta-da! Simple, easy luggage tags that didn't cost one cent! Well, I guess technically they cost at least one cent since I did purchase all of this scrapbooking stuff at one point in time. But, I now own some unique tags and I didn't have to run to Target and buy something that everyone else has too!! Yay for having a crafty moment today!!

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