11 July 2008

Shopping is torture!

I've known this for a long while but shopping for clothing is pure HELL! I just spent almost 2 hours in a mall with hundreds of stores and I came out with nothing. Nothing at all. I went in search of shorts, which I always have a hard time finding ones that fit me and I thought for SURE that shopping at one of those big ol "Mills" malls would certainly have at least one store with clothing that would fit. Nope. Left completely empty-handed. I just looked at the mall's website. There are 34 stores under "Women's Apparel" and I walked in almost all of them. NOTHING FITS ME! I hate shopping for clothes. HATE.IT.

I was on the phone with my mother while driving to the mall and I was complaining about how hard it is to find things that fit. She and my sister both are built kind of like men - meaning they have no hips. Which works well for them because the can walk into any store and pick up things that fit. I have huge hips. I like my hips because I have that great hourglass figure but it is impossible to find clothing that fits my bottom half. So annoying. I should just make my own clothing and this could all be avoided! When the husband gets home today we're driving over to Kohl's because they are having a sale this weekend and I managed to find a couple of pairs of shorts there earlier this summer that actually fit okay. Please keep your fingers crossed that I find something that fits! Shopping is so depressing. Ugh!!

Moving along! I went to my favorite store yesterday - the Ghetto Thrift and it was kind of empty. I found a couple of pieces of Pyrex that were priced reasonably and I put them in my basket. After I finished looking through the rest of the store and didn't find anything else I wanted, I decided to put the Pyrex back on the shelf. Frankly, I don't need anymore Pyrex. I mean I *DO* but it's not anything I can't live without for now. I kept saying to myself 'this is money you could be spending while you're on vacation' which really helped me to not feel so bad about not buying the Pyrex!!

I went to my old favorite thrift store on Wednesday since the husband had to run into work for a few hours and then we were going to the commissary. This is the place I used to find fabulous deals. I was quite disappointed this time around though because there weren't any deals to be had. There was plenty of clothing but I don't really buy clothing at thrift stores. Not because I don't *want* to buy it, but usually I can't find anything that fits! See my rant above. And even if I do find something in the clothing section that I might like, this thrift store has no dressing rooms. I am not buying something I cannot try on. So, yeah, that trip to the thrift store was disappointing too!

I guess I might take a little break from thrifting for the next couple of weeks. I have entirely too much to do before I leave for Wyoming and there are going to be plenty of thrift stores and flea markets on my drive out, I am sure! Might as well save my money for those places, huh? I'll still be hitting up yard sales and estate sales though. I mean I can't go completely cold turkey on all my junking habits!!

Well, I should get going. I might have company coming to spend the night and my house looks like a disaster. I was hoping the husband and I would be able to finish all of our projects around this place over the weekend but my friend sent me a text saying she might come over tonight and then the Mother in Law's birthday is tomorrow and the husband forgot all about it until I said something to him today. SO, looks like we might be driving over to West Virginia tomorrow to see her. So much for getting this place put together!


oliveoyl64 said...

Hi, Not sure how I stumbled on your blog, but I love it. I will bookmark you so I can come back and visit.

Just curious about your "ghetto" thrift. There is one I visit that seriously could be called "ghetto", where you dig in bins. The prices are super cheap and that is where most of my junk come from. With the price of gas it is hard to justify running from sale to sale on Sat., so I save my money and hit the "ghetto" when I ma down that way.

My personal blog is very sad and uncared for, so don't be too judgemental if you visit. I have better things to do. like visit other people's REALLY COOL BLOGS.

svelteSTUFF said...

Don't worry... when it gets down to the 'last minute' - motivation to get EVERYTHING done for your trip WILL set in 8-)!!